Lots of folk still run vinyl, does anybody run it via Roon , if so how

Lots of folk still run vinyl, does anybody run it via Roon , if so how

Why? How? It would need to be digitised, then it’s not Vinyl in the true sense. Look up your vinyl albums on Tidal and hope they are in MQA and enjoy them.
Those not into MQA can get high res versions or digitise your own vinyl but I can’t see the point unless the material is unavailable digitally or it’s digital quality is poor.
I do have some digitised vinyl in the pipeline as a test a friend is doing to asses the viability of offering the service.

I don’t, but would like to. As my vinyls in the main room rig, which I can’t always listen to due to someone else watching TV.

Pure interest, my vinyl went 20 years ago when I moved UK to South Africa, sacrilegious maybe but no regrets, I swapped my Linn LP12 for a Linn Karik same no regrets. Nowadays I have no physical media just a 4Tb drive …


Have a look here:


I have a few vinyl ‘rips’ that I did a couple of years ago. These sound very good indeed.
Let us say I rip 150 albums. It would take some time to do it even if I use an excellent program like Vinyl Studio (https://www.alpinesoft.co.uk/). Then I upgrade my vinyl rig. New player, arm and cartridge. The new kit sounds much better than the old so I should now re-rip the 150 albums…
Many albums that I own are available in digital, but I did not buy too many of those. Of the few I bought there are some with bad transfer to digital so I’d prefer to be able to play the vinyl. I do not subscribe to Tidal (or Qobuz) so do not have access to the large libraries of digital transfers. And much of that is only redbook anyway.
If my amplifier (a Devialet 250 CI) had enabled convolution in its DSP that would of course be the preferred method. The amp has a very decent phono stage. As it is now I’m using convolution in Roon for room correction and depend on sending all streams through Roon.
Better to play and stream vinyl live…

Seen that, if I’m in the market for a new phono stage I might consider it.