Lots of per-device settings now with the new features - needs a way to apply to all/selected devices?

The settings for the Roon apps applying per device have been easy to manage in the past as they were just a few. And it makes sense at least for some settings to apply per device as depending on form factor even the same person might prefer different ones. (Although name sorting and similar would probably be the same everywhere). And of course different people might connect to one core and have different preferences.

However, with more and more options being added, first the editorial sources and now the languages, it is starting to become somewhat tedious to setup/maintain them on PCs, tablets, phones, ARC. It’s now easy to have inconsistencies which can lead to different behavior and confusion. And I suppose in the future the number of options will only grow further.

(Plus with ARC resetting unfortunately still rather frequently necessary, it’s getting a bit annoying to redo the many things every time, but let’s hope that this will become less frequent)