Lou Reed "RCA & Arista" collection error

Matched album set. Disc 12, track 9 is listed as being called “The The Bells”, when it’s “The Bells”. Disc 11, track 1, 2 and 4 are live but not marked as such. Track 3 is, though - go figure.

Hello David, I have just purchased this boxset as 24/96. Could you advise your method (and Roon’s I guess) method of tagging - particularly album title etc. so it is matched correctly?

I was planning on effectively separating the album and tagging each by the original name eg. Transformer rather than RCA & Arista Collection.

The info could assist in me wasting a lot of time!



This was long enough ago that I honestly don’t remember how I got it to match, Bryson… :frowning: