Love the signal path star icon!

I know it’s totally minor but I love the new look of the signal path icon!


I like being able to get to audio settings and dsp etc from the audio path display too.

That’s the holy grail icon.



I’ve said this before - early on in my Roon subscription - that the signal path icon and info display alone are worth the price of Roon. Especially for those of us whose DACs don’t display much info or when the DAC is out of sight.

It only adds to that value now that it acts as a way to select Device Setup & DSP settings. Simple, elegant, and very informative.

I do like the icon in general, but it’s a little too subtle for me. It’s a bit small and that particular shade of purple is something I can’t see because of my particular type of color blindness. It just looks grayish. The green isn’t much easier to see either.

Perhaps the colors should be a bit more saturated. They’re a little too faded back/pastel for me to tell at a glance what the signal path is doing. The only thing I can make it easily is (now, with 1.3) clipping (if any) and enhanced.

OR rather than a little dot, it could just indicate the status of the signal path with words.

You should see it in dark theme. It looks fantastic.

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Fully agree!

I’ve set the dark theme on all my devices.
Much softer on the eyes when listening to music.

That’s the problem for me. I do have it set on dark theme and I still have trouble with the dot colors.

It really depends on the device you use, indeed. As not all devices are created equal and certainly are not color corrected, on some it may not look that bright/saturated.

I hope your particular color blindness is not limiting you to enjoy the musical qualities of Roon.

Definitely not! But I can’t help but stare at that gorgeous interface.

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I have never noticed this before in my signal path. Processing speed…Any ideas?

Chris, processing speed shows how fast the processing is taking place vs. real-time playback. We only show it, I think, if it’s under 100x. 1x would be just keeping up with playback. The more DSP you do, the more CPU is required and the more that processing speed number comes down.

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Interesting, thanks. It has now disappeared on the same album via Tidal. I don’t do any audio enhancement in Roon. Chris