Low Connectivity Causes Song to Drop / Skip

I posted this on the Tidal forum as well but no one’s getting back to me about it and I thought support might be a better place to post: New Roon user.

On the go a lot and sometimes I’m on less-than-stellar Wi-Fi at hotels.

As such the connectivity is not always ideal for using Roon to stream.

When I’m at hotels, Tidal streaming over Roon is almost impossible because of the way Roon is handling the streams.

Instead of pausing the track and waiting for it to buffer (or buffering the song front-end) why does Roon just stop the song and skip? Is this something the software should be doing? I’d almost rather have it freeze for a second and continue playing the song instead of just giving up in the middle because it ran into a stutter. Kind of a buzzkill.


I see you posted this two months ago. If you’ve received any helpful responses, would you mind sharing them? I have the same vexing problem and am ready to give up this method of listening to music. Whenever I pop a disc into the player, there is no skipping, no frustration, and no buzzkill. That said, the quality also improves. SMH