Low cost option for Roon streaming

I know the Raspberry Pi 3b+ had the noisy USB issue because of the shared bus with ethernet but but I would think that the NUC would have a isolated USB port. I am not the type to get a small jump in quality considering the law of diminishing returns.

not sure if I understood your requirements for connections and may be late since you ordered…

I also considered using RPis but decided to go for this ready to go device that connects Wifi only with your network. Uses RAAT protocol (very good sound quality) and others. Set up via Airplay or Chromecast. Can only be ordered in Europe though and price is higher but saves a lot of time for set up and maintenance.

Why not get a Hifiberry DAC+?


Wish to check if this setup is possible

  1. wired internet to nuc rock usb connection to qutest then speaker not connected to qutest if use roon is the speaker going to get qutest dac quality ? (Powered speaker such as ls50wii)
  2. wired internet to nuc rock, Hegel h190/360 connection to special 40 without connecting hegal to nuc rock is this workable ?
  3. wired internet to nuc rock, qutest not connected to nuc rock but connect to Hegel h190/360 and hegal output to special 40. Will this take qutest dac instead of Hegel internal dac?

USBs are not noisy. They are in the digital part of the signal. They are bit for bit. Noise is not possible until you get into the analog part of the signal.

Allo Digital (allo.com) has a USBridge Signature that uses a Pi on a DIMM. I have a DigiOne Signature that I built back in the dark ages before supply chain panics.

Darko.Audio reviews well. Amplifier and output devices are the costly bits.

What LMPS do you recommend? Affordable hopefully. I hate to pay more for the power supply then the DAC.

I don’t recommend as too many to pick from and budgets vary a lot. Start with what it comes with.


buy one or two ‚SYMFONISK‘ WiFi-Speaker from IKEA. Cost are about 109.00€/speaker.
Those speakers are compatible with the Sonos-System and you can connect them to ROON over WIFI.
Or you buy one ore two ‚SONOS ONE‘ Speaker . Cost are about 200 €/Speaker.

And enjoy your music from Roon everywhere you have WIFI.