Low quality signal path

My system shows always shows a low quality signal path, even when playing MQA files from Tidal. I am running a Nucleus direct to a PS Audio Directstream Junior bridge through my network. Why is that?

It would help if you could provide a screenshot with the signal path window expanded.

That is lossy audio. Roon deems any lossy source “Low Quality.”


Try another song/album, some are AAC but most are FLAC.

Have tried many. It doesn’t seem to matter what file type I play, it always comes up as low quality

P.S.: the track I’m playing now is listed as FLAC, but playing as AAC

I would assume that a FLAC file can contain lossy audio.
FLAC is just an envelope.

Do you have files that you know are lossless?

Not sure how to tell that, to be honest with you. Most of my library is either CD’s I downloaded to iTunes or tracks I downloaded from iTunes - I expect those to be lossy. But MQA Masters from Tidal? I would expect those to be clean, that’s what I’m paying for…

Where can I download a known-lossless track or two, just to try?

Post a pic of a Tidal FLAC playing. Anything MP3 will also report as low quality.

Robert probably does not have a Tidal HiFi subscription. Simple answer, folks.



Doesn’t need to be Tidal Master, that’s MQA.
Most Tidal music comes as 16/44 (CD quality).
But you have to have a Tidal Hifi subscription to get that, otherwise Tidal is lossy.

hdtracks.com sells high res downloads, CD and up.

That would do it though I question why have Tidal vs. Spotify or others if not for the CD-quality besides the integration.

Ditto. Here is a pic of what is supposed to be a Tidal MQA FLAC playing. P.S.: my subscription is Premium, not HiFi - that’s correct.


No FLAC or MQA for Tidal Premium. Again, simple answer.


Got it - thank you AJ

Marketing driving terminology inflation: “premium” is now the lowest quality level. A “tall” Starbucks coffee is the smallest. :joy: