Loxone - Smart Home

Is there a possibility to control Roon through Loxone Taster?

I want 2 ways:

1st way
Start Roon in a Room/Zone through Roon App and control per that way. After starting Roon per Roon App I want to be able to press on a Loxone Taster for volume up and one for volume down. Double tap on volume up next song in queue, douple tap on volume down and music is out.

2nd way
No Roon is running in the room/zone. Double tap on volume louder on a loxone taster and Roon starts playing a defined radio station in that Room. I want define 2 or 3 radio stations and switch through them. In radio mode double tap on volume up jumps to the next defined radio station. Double tap on volume down and music is out. One tap on volume up and volume down functioning normal.

I don’t think there is a pre-built integration.

My usual fallback is to see if it’s possible to go via Home Assistant (I maintain the roon integration) - but there doesn’t look to be an easy Loxone / Home Assistant integration.

So my thoughts are are:-

  1. You could write something using the roon API (if you’re a developer)
  2. Make use of of the http integration (there is a post here that indicates someone has this working with Loxone): Roon extension - http APIs - #146 by many
  3. If you can run a command line programme from Loxone - you could use the roon command line interface Roon extension - http APIs - #146 by many

Please note that 2 & 3 are user supported software.

PS This looked interesting at a quick glance:-