LS 50 II + KC62 - "Sub" output question

Hi, folks.

I’m considering adding a KC62 to a pair of LS 50 IIs. My primary LS 50 II is connected to ethernet, but the interconnect between the speakers is wireless and the room layout doesn’t allow for a cable.

The KC62 needs to sit next to the secondary. Both the primary and the secondary have sub out ports.

Here’s my question, which I can’t find an answer to in the KEF manuals. Can the secondary speaker drive the sub out port given my topology?

My options are:

  1. Primary connected to ethernet. Sub wired to secondary.
  2. Swap the primary and secondary. Primary connected over WiFi. Sub wired to primary.
  3. Primary connected to ethernet. Sub connected to primary with the KW1 kit.

At least in the US, there’s a holiday promotion going on in which the KW1 kit is included free of charge.

Would really appreciate experience and feedback on this. My primary use is with Roon, so I bias towards keeping the primary connected over ethernet but my WiFi is good and it’s not out of the question for me to give that a shot.


The answer to my question is in the KEF settings app.

This is my setup. Works flawlessly.

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