LS50 auto play, buttons


I am using roon with my LS50 wireless and so far I am quite happy. There are two things I would be happy to have:

  • When I turn on the speakers is it possible to auto play some playlist or a radio station?
  • Is it possible to use the buttions on the IR remote? When I press pause, roon says transport is lost, and the skip button has no effect.

Would be cool if I could get it working somehow.


The volume buttons and mute button work, not sure the others ever will in Roon, I use an iPad as the remote.


I’ve seen mentioned on here that the playback buttons should work on all Roon Ready devices, is that not correct or are the LS50W not Roon Ready?

I’d definitely like to see functionality of the playback buttons on the KEF remote…if I could get that this would be an absolutely perfect system.

Hello @Danny_Scarbrough,

Unfortunately, due to technical limitations of the KEF LS50 Wireless streaming platform, it was not possible to implement “Roon Ready” functionality with the device. So while they have networking functionality, they are considered a part of our “Roon Tested” program.


I see, thanks for the clarification

The latest frmware update includes this:

Add TCP/IP control for 3rd party developers

does this affect roon in any way?