LS50 Wireless 2 loosing WIFI overnight

Hello. Since 1.7 my LS50 Wireless 2 are often loosing WIFI overnight. WIFI led just blinking orange and will only reconnect through power cycle. It’s super annoying, alle other devices work flawlessly over WIFI. Anyone else see this and found a way around it? A bug that will soon be corrected, hopefully…

We’re not sure why this would be happening. Next time it happens, when you onboard it to the network again, can you pop into the settings of the Connect app, head down to the Support section, and send a log to our CS team? They’ll be able to have a look and hopefully see what might be happening.

I will do that!

I am experiencing the same issue as the OP, generally about once every 4-5 days. Can happen during the day too. As mentioned, there seems to be no other way to reconnect to the network than rebooting the primary speaker. I’ll be sure to log the issue next time it occurs. For me this has happened since prior to 1.7.

I have also noticed that when the speakers are in standby, the Kef Connect app often looses contact with them and gives a red “speaker offline” message (or words to that effect). I can usually fix this by either a) switching on via Roon instead of the app or b) choosing “forget the speakers” and then reselecting them in the app. This can take multiple attempts. Perhaps these issues are related? Again I will log this next time it occurs.

Finally after the 1.8 version, my LS50 W II are now stable on my wifi network again and I can use my Roon server direct/wifi to the speakers without the drop outs from my network every 10 minutes…This has been very frustrated ( since v.1.6 or 1.7 ?) and I have reported this issue to KEF Support. I never got any answer from KEF confirming this has been a problem. Luckily the 1.8 version have solved this problem.

Yes, I can confirm that 1.8 has resolved this for me as well.

Hello Ben
I just order LS 50 wireless 2. Do I be able setup ethernet or have to be wifi ? I like ethernet better, my ethernet switch 2 feet away from speakers. Just order 2 AQ ethernet cable. Thanks for help.

You have the choice of operating the speakers wirelessly or using an ethernet cable. If your switch is only 2 feet from your speakers, the wired option should work very well for you.