LS50W II + KC62 - KW1 Quality

Hi all,

I’m running the above setup but could really benefit from the wireless advantage of putting the KC62 somewhere different, running it wirelessly with a KW1 system. I read the KW1 is limited to 24/48. Currently I’m running the LS50W II’s in wireless mode, mainly using Tidal Connect. Is the KW1 limitation something I should be concerned about?

Nope. The highest note that the K62 plays is about 300 Hz. Even 24-bits, 1 kHz sampling rate would be overkill.

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Thanks David, appreciate it.

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i am using kef lsx + kw1 + kc62 and observed that connecting by cable sounds better with cable then connecting trough kw1. is this a placebo?
I am only changing the cable (disable kw1 and connect by rca), not settings. Sub is in LFE mode.
Low frequency - 55
High frequency - 95
Sub gain - 6

I realise this question was posed quite a while ago, but I happened to see it yesterday.

The reason for the sound quality difference might be because the KW1 introduces a 17 msec delay to the sound being sent to the subwoofer, whereas a direct cable connection involves no delay. (BTW the similar REL HT-Air product introduces a similar delay, 16-20 msec)

17msec doesn’t sound like a lot at first sight, but I know from my own measurements with REW that moving the mic a few feet can make a big difference to the bass response in a room.

The speed of sound is 343 m/sec or 1,125 ft/sec, so a 17 msec delay is equivalent to about 6m or 19ft - the KC62 has effectively been moved 19 feet further away when the KW1 is inserted.

So, to see what affect that has had on the response, if you can download REW to a laptop and buy or borrow a USB mic, like a MiniDSP UMIK-1, you will be able to check the frequency response with cable or with the KW1.

If there is any difference between the responses, I think it will be around the crossover frequency, where your LS50 W II and KC62 are interacting most closely.

Edit. I remembered that the user manual for the LSX II has a couple of interesting extras that don’t feature in the manual for the LS50 Wireless II:

From the KEF LSX II User Manual, p64:

The settings include:
• Desk Mode (On/Off, -10.0 dB to 0.0 dB)
• Wall Mode (On/Off, -10.0 dB to 0.0 dB)
• Treble Trim (-4.0 dB to 4.0 dB)
• Phase Correction (On/Off)
• Bass Extension (Less / Standard / Extra)
• Balance Control (L–C–R)
• Subwoofer model
• High-Pass Frequency (On/Off, 50 Hz to 120 Hz)
• Sub Out Low-Pass Frequency (40 Hz to 250 Hz)
• Sub Gain (-10 dB to 10 dB)
• Sub Polarity (On/Off)
• Are you using a KW-1?
• Subwoofer delay (-10 ms to 10 ms)

I don’t have a LS50 Wireless II. When you are setting up the subwoofer with the KEF Connect App, does it include the two highlighted items?

I see one, but not the other (LS50WII with KC62, sub set to manual):

Ok, I checked the online Youtube video that shows how to set up the LS50 Wireless II with KW1.

The video make this point:

“Enable the “KW-1” button to eliminate the latency between subwoofer and speaker if you use the KW1 Wireless Subwoofer adaptor kit.”

So it looks like I was wrong to suspect that the difference in sound the OP was experiencing between direct connection and KW1 was to do with latency.