LS50WII MiniDSP, Dirac Integration solutions

I’m looking to integrate a DSP solution and Im trying to figure out which route would be better and more simple.

Has anyone tried integrating a MiniDSP with the LS50WII? How do you have it connected? Can the MiniDSP output sound via ethernet? Or is it exclusively via SPIDF/Optical?
How about Dirac Live standalone via MacMini?

Any suggestions are very welcome!

Convolution filters in Roon?

That would be simplest. But not as plug 'n play as Dirac on a miniDSP SHA.

That is what I did…Home Audio Fidelity …Thierry always does a great job!


Thanks! Sounds very interesting. How do you interface it with Roon?
Are you using rogue or similar? I used that before and wasnt too happy.

You just load them in the convolution filter section in roon. My core is on an Sonictransporter i9 so I have them on the SSD on there and select them using my Mac since the computers are all on the same network. The HAF has an easy way to make the filters using their software and email them off/dropbox or you can use REW. Either way Thierry at HAF makes filters and usually gets them back to you extremely fast to try out/tweak to you liking. I have been using his filters in diff systems, houses I have lived in for over 5 yrs.

Personally, I used REW for measurements and DRC-FIR to create the convolution filters. Roon also supports Parametric EQ filters (such as can be created in REW).

I just contacted Thierry and ordered a UMIK-1, many thanks for your help, this seems to be a much better and cheaper solution than adding the MiniDSP.