LSX II Apple TV and Airplay

This has nothing to do with Roon but I’m hoping someone can help.

I have an Apple TV 4K connected to my TV via HDMI and I’m trying to get TV audio through the LSX II
I have audio when using HDMI>LSX but no ARC functionality so I thought I might as well lose the cable and use Airplay.
I can select the LSX II as an audio device in Apple TV audio settings but I have no sound from the LSX II.
Even with Apple TV at full volume.
The LSX II have audio via Airplay using various apps on my phone.

Also if the LSX II are in standby and I stream from an app via Airplay they come out of standby.
If I try and use Apple TV the LSX are visible as an audio output option but they stay in standby when audio should be playing.
To be clear this is just another issue.
There’s still no sound from Apple TV via Airplay when they’re turned on manually.

Has anyone managed to get sound from LSX II from Apple TV via Airplay or have any suggestions.

I have a pair of LSX II and a latest-generation Apple TV 4K. My configuration is Apple TV → Soundbar → TV. The LSX II are in a different room, currently wireless.

I used the Apple Music app on the TV to test.

I was able to get the Apple TV to play to the LSX II over AirPlay. I used the AirPlay menu in the TV’s Control Center pane (long press of the remote button with the screen icon) to control zones.

By default, the output zone was “Receiver Speakers”. Initially, I just added the LSX II zone. That didn’t work - no sound as you describe. I went into Control Center, saw that Receiver Speakers was still enabled. I disabled that and the LSX II started working.

That led me to think that there was an issue if multiple zones were enabled. I played with it some more and I couldn’t reproduce that issue - everything just worked from that point forward.

I don’t understand your specific issue but I can say that I’m able to play music (didn’t try with anything else) over AirPlay to these speakers. I hope this helps.

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I appreciate this. Thank you.
I also noticed in Control Centre that Receiver Speakers stayed enabled after selecting LSX II.
Deselecting Receiver Speakers didn’t help.
Oddly, sometimes ‘Receiver Speakers’ appears as ‘TV Speakers’. There doesn’t seem to be any reason why it’s named different things at different times.
(The actual TV speakers are disabled at all times via the TV’s settings)
Given that and that ARC functionality works sporadically there appears to be some sort of communication/handshake issue between the TV and Apple TV with LSX II
I’ve tried a different HDMI cable that works properly in another setup.

But now that I know you’ve had it working I’ll experiment some more.
I suspect the TV is the root cause as I’ve seen reports of ARC not working properly with some TVs and Airplay works fine from Phone to LSX II.

Thanks again.

I hope you figure it out.

Over the years, I’ve continuously frustrated my wife and kids with my penchant for complicated A/V gear and setups. I ultimately figured out that we could compromise with a decent soundbar setup, so that’s what I’ve got. A Sony HT-A7000, wireless rears, wired sub. I avoid ARC by using the soundbar as the intermediate between a couple of sources, including the Apple TV, and the TV itself. We ignore the “smart” features of the TV. Everything flows in one direction.

It’s Sony end to end with the exception of the Apple TV. You’d think this would work seamlessly but even this turns out to be a flaky mess. It’s all very annoying.

If there is a moral to this story, though, it’s that avoiding ARC is not a bad idea but it’s also not a panacea.

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Inspired by your reply @gTunes I just tried using Airplay to the LSX II from a TV in another room that also has an Apple TV.
It works.
If only I’d thought to test this last night before driving myself into a near frenzy on the other system :sweat_smile:

This is a relief as it would appear the recently acquired LSX II aren’t the issue.

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Wow! Hope you figure the rest of it out. It’s still confusing but at least you’re making progress!

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How’s this for complicated?

This is my bass guitar rig.
…which I don’t actually use out of the house.
Posted for the lols and to show that I too have that penchant for unnecessary complexity, often to my own detriment.


That’s impressive. I see where you live. The Butchart Gardens folks must constantly be yelling at you to turn that thing down. :slight_smile:

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I rage quit that TV and bought another one. :sweat_smile:
Works perfectly.

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That’s the way to play it!

Did you seriously do that in between your last message and this one? If so, that’s impressive.

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Sure did. :crazy_face:

That TV had been annoying me in other ways too.
Nearly a year of promised firmware fixes that either did nothing or introduced new issues.
I got tired of fighting with it.
The cost of a new one was worth preserving my sanity.
Plus I’ve just bought the LSX II + stands and KC62 and couldn’t stop worrying something was wrong with the KEFs.

I’ll sleep better tonight and have a much better video experience now.
Or so I tell myself. :money_with_wings:

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Well done. Hope you enjoy the tv and the speakers! The KEFs are great.

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I do NOT miss my days of lugging around a fridge. Had the Warwick Jonas Hellborg separate pre/powers, Ashley compressor, switching, the whole shebang. Going straight DI to FOH with Warwicks and an EHX Bassballs in the signal chain was the best decision I ever made in my bass playing career thus far.

Pleased you’re sorted.