Lumin app does not recognize my Rock (NUC)

Hello everybody with Lumin streaming,

My Roon Rock recognizes my Lumin min U2, but Lumin do not recognize my Roon Rock and the files in the internal storage.
It has something te do with the setup?
I asked Lumin helpkdesk and the say it has something to do sith de upnp!

Any one who can help?


Frederik Michon

UPnP isn’t relevant for file sharing over the network. ROCK exposes the music folder via a Samba share: smb://rock.local/data. You then need to navigate to the storage folder of the internal drives.

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If you mean Lumin app is not seeing the music files in your ROCK, that is normal as explained above.

Install Windows to your NUC - it needs to have no less than 16GB RAM. Install Roon Windows. Install the free MinimServer (in order to provide UPnP server).

Thank You very much, I feared that allready.
On the Nuc was Windows 10 Pro, but can not see that anymore.
Before I buy another Nuc, is a Nucleus an option? Will Lumin see the nucleus?

Lumin app will not see Nucleus or ROCK music files because they do not support UPnP.

Because you overwrote it with ROCK.

You should be able to reinstall Windows 10 Pro and recover the Windows license at no cost to you.

Based on @wklie’s answer, it won’t work on a Nucleus since this runs RoonOS, too.

Did you remove Windows and install RoonOS? Is there any reason you can’t reinstall Windows (after backing up your Roon database)?


I probably removed Windows, but have still a license and have good back ups off Roon in my NAS.
I have to study how I can remove Roon and reinstall Windows/Roon on the NUC.
Any suggestions were I can find how to do that?

To be clear, are these backups of the Roon database?

Just boot the NUC with a Windows image on a flash drive, and this will destroy the ROCK partition during installation.

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Thanks Martin,

Yes, they are from the database, I do that regular on tge NAS (Synology).
Thanks again, I have homework. :slight_smile:

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Wait. If you have Synology NAS, then there is an alternative approach:

  • Keep Roon ROCK (no need to reinstall Windows)
  • Move the music library to Synology
  • Install (free) MinimServer package to Synology
  • In Roon, add the music folder shared by Synology

This way, Roon Core is kept on ROCK accessing the music files from Synology, while Lumin app can see the MinimServer music library on Synology.


That is a great idea, I already installed it on advise of the helpdesk of LUMIN, but made not the connection with Roon yet. Thanks you very much. Let you know if it works😀

That’s my exact setup (ROCK/NUC and Synology music library via MinimServer). Works well!

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The Lumin app has some difficulties in identifying The MininServer folder, does not see the appData.
Any way My ROCK stays intact!

I guess you may not have set the MinimServer content directory properly:

Or you have placed your music files to a directory that does not match.

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