Lumin App issues with D2 player

Hi all,

This is an issue that was raised here and there a couple of times but I can’t seem to resolve it once and for all.

My Lumin D2 is connected via Eth cable to the switch which is then connected to my TP-LINK Deco router. Deco app recognizes LUMIN as online device.

Now, Lumin app does not see the player at all. It happened in the past that it was recognizing the player but I had to close and reopen the app a couple of times.

Is there something that I am missing and could try to make the app recognize the player flawlessly?

Please power cycle your whole network starting with the router, including the switch, Lumin, iPad / iPhone / Android.

Make sure the progress circle is shown on the Lumin front panel.

If you have an Android device, please try the latest Lumin app on Android.

If you don’t have any Android device, please try the latest “Esoteric Sound Stream” app on iOS.

Hi Peter,

Thank you very much for respoding. I do have an Android phone with the latest version of the app installed.

OK, so here is what happens (I’ve just run a test): When I launch Roon and select Lumin D2 (wake it up) then Lumin mobile app can see the device.

I guess my question would be why the Lumin app can’t wake-up the device in a similar way. My point is that sometimes I would just like to launch the device with Lumin App without first launching Roon.

Hope that makes sense

See if this helps: Use Lumin app Idle Sleep setting instead of Roon (auto) sleep.

We just had a Lumin Android app update a few hours ago, it should be 5.0.1 now.

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I am not using Roon sleep. I am using the 15 minutes Idle Sleep setting is the Lumin app. I can see that the front panel goes black after 15 minutes with no music - and exactly then the app can’t find the device anymore

Then turn off the Idle Sleep function.

Please describe your network in detail, including the model of the Deco and the switch.

When I turn off the Idle Sleep function, when will the front panel go black after the music is stopped?

I have Deco M4R and the configuration is set as follows:

Lumin D2 → Ethernet → Switch TP-LINK TL-SG108 → Ethernet → Switch D-LINK DGS-105 -. Ethernet → Deco

Mobile is using the Wifi created by the Deco

Please try bypassing this. I have a suspicion with your network infrastructure.

Alternatively, try connecting the D2 to the Deco directly for testing, even if this means you cannot connect the D2 to your audio chain.

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Thanks for the tip, Peter. You are right, it looks like there is no issue when the configuration is updated as follows:

Lumin D2 → Ethernet → Switch TP-LINK TL-SG108 → Ethernet → Deco

I didn’t test the D2 → Deco direct connection as that would also work for sure. The thing is that I need that second switch in place. Otherwise some other devices won’t have internet connectivity.

But at least we know what is causing the problem.

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I’ve seen quite a few switches from this brand die, more than once in both my workplace and in this forum. Probably just coincidence. All switches (or electronics) die someday.

You do need to replace it, perhaps another SG108 or at a higher price Netgear GS308. Make absolutely sure you get the plain unmanaged version, not the managed version.

If I quickly read what I see I suspect that you are using the Lumin app and Roon at the same time which I would not recommend

That’s the whole point, if I don’t wake the player up with Roon first, the Lumin app can’t see the player


It looks like if the SG108 Eth cable is THE ONLY one connected to DGS-105 switch (apart from Internet / Deco’s eth cable), Lumin App can see the player.

If however I connect another device, in this case my desktop PC to DGS-105, Lumin App (after being closed and reopened) can’t find the player.

The test is done while D2 is in sleep mode (front panel black).

To be honest, I do not really want to replace the switch which does its job - Internet connection is transmitted to all the connected devices (to both switches). I think the Lumin app could be improved to cover this scenario.

I reiterate it needs to be replaced.

If I replace it with TP-LINK TL-SG105 (not SG108), will that resolve the problem?

Most likely.

One final question - just to have a full picture. Should everything work if D2 was connected with Eth cable just to something like TP-LINK RE200 and then Lumin App run on a mobile in the same WiFi network?

It depends on exactly how you’re going to use it and how it’s connected to everything else. It only has one Ethernet port, and the port is 100Mbps instead of 1000Mbps (that the rest of your network are) - neither is ideal, but I’m not completely ruling out the possibility of using it.

  1. If you use WiFi for music data instead of just control, it can easily cause problems.
  2. You still have to remove the faulty switch from the network as it breaks multicast.