Lumin D1 and Roon 1.5

@Quinten_Kroes I’ve sent you a beta firmware in PM. Please try it and see if there’s any improvement.

Yes that seems to have taken care of it, thanks!

I’m a newbie here, and a newcomer to Roon.
I have a Naim Core which rips CDs and stores my downloads.
I also use Qobuz.

I want to use Roon to control these two, but I am thinking about buying a Lumin streamer.

My main question is this, though:
I understand that Roon software has an option to upsample to DSD. THAT is something I would love to use with music from my 2 main sources, the Core and Qobuz.
But before I buy the necessary hardware, is this going to work for me?

Thank you!

If I’m not mistaken, your Naim Core cannot run Roon Core, and can only be used as network storage for Roon. So you need another computer to run Roon Core to access the music on your Naim Core.

After you’ve set the Roon Core machine, yes you can use it to upsample music to DSD to send to Lumin - up to DSD512 if you use Lumin T2.

Thank you.

  1. if I understand you correctly, not only do I need the Lumin device (which would be a D1 by the way) but ALSO a device (such as what?) to run the Roon Core software?
    Or …
  2. Will the Lumin D1 do both jobs?
    (I’m totally confused by all the Roon apps that are possible to download…and it doesn’t help that Naim have called their device the ‘Core’!!!
    Any further clarification would be very welcome.
    Thank you.

@vintageaxeman Roon Core runs on intel platforms like Mac/pc and on any recent hardware (last few years no issue) BUT has some minimum specs where DSD upsampling will depend on your CPU performance.

  1. You can use your Windows / Mac / Linux computer to run Roon Core. If you want to purchase a new computer to do that, I recommend getting NUC8i5BEH (or i7) with 8GB RAM, m.2 SSD of 128GB or above, in a fanless chassis.

  2. No. Lumin players are Roon Ready endpoints, they cannot run Roon Core.

Now I understand the principle of it. Thank you.