Lumin D1 newly aquired but some issues with MQA and default Roon settings

@wklie Hi Peter…after several failed options to buy a D2 in the preloved market I managed to get hold of a preloved D1.

I find when using roon Decoder and Renderer option I get intermittent sound issues … it doesn’t stop but just gets all distorted and then recovers. Not so if I turn the settings in Roon to Render Only.

Any thoughts on what might be going on?

I also dont get any options for DSD in the audio settings…I know its only DSD64 ready but should it be reporting this capability?

Grab 2020-03-02 at  12.34.16

Please set it to renderer only - some users reported it sounds better anyway. I have a suspicion it is network related, and may be affected by multicast traffic from other network devices. (In some cases you may try disabling Lumin Streaming if you don’t use AirPlay, and Spotify Connect if you don’t tneed it).

To verify presence of DSD64, please go to DSP engine and upsample everything to DSD64. Then you can check the signal path during playback.

I’ve checked more models, and it seems to me that Roon UI hides the Max Sample Rate (DSD) selection if the hardware supports DSD64 only, i.e. no other selectable option can be chosen.

Thanks Peter I’ll give that a try. I’ve never had any Roon Ready Networked endpoint with built in DAC so was not sure if this was normal. I am running behind an etherREGEN at 100Mbps which should be the same as the D1 port speed. Tried on 1GB port but still the same. As renderer its fine but the processing speed starts to show so it’s hitting harder on the Roon Core.

Other than the DSD it seems to be almost identical to the D2 but with the external power supply being that I can easily run LMPS instead.

Certainly sounds good anyway.

Interesting…might cause (and in my case HAS) some confusion.

As per your Roon screen shot, click on “load defaults” (lower left corner). This will change your settings to ”fixed” volume and “decoder and renderer”.
This works for my D1.

Thanks Gary, but I am well aware of the default setting reset, however I’m getting unsatisfactory results with that as per my subject. Renderer Only seems to be much better as per Peters advice. Perhaps you can try that too.