Lumin D1 turns on by itself

Hello people!

Any idea why my Lumin began turning on by itself after a couple of hours of no use?
Even during the night with no component being used, it happens, in the morning i always find it with the screen turned on.
I am using an external sbooster, by the way.

Many tks.

One of the several possible causes is that the power supply is failing - a voltage drop can cause the unit to reboot. Please switch back to the original power supply (DC12V 4.16A) for a few nights and observe. Please also check PM.


je suis dans le même cas de figure que vous Lumin D1 + alimentation Sbooster et le fait qu’il s’allume tout seul est certainement à un coupure de réseau internet, la resynchronisation de votre routeur l’initialise électriquement.

bien cordialement