Lumin D2... Could it be a perceivable upgrade in sound quality?


I have currently connected my NAS via USB to the DAC section of my amp (a Denon PMA1600NE).
Sound is good, but I’d like to find something “warmer” with a better dynamic, separation and openness.
A friend of mine suggested this new Lumin product.

This player is RoonReady so I could move the NAS to a proper room and simplify the chain.
What about the qualities of this player?
Could I experience an improvement on sound quality?

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Yes, I expect you’d experience an improvement and it is slightly warm. While we wait for Lumin D2 reviews, you can find a number of reviews of D1, the predecessor of D2.

In particular, 6moons compared D1 to the USB DAC inside another brand of integrated amplifier that is more expensive than PMA1600NE:

You can also find more user comments of Lumin products here (although not too much specific to Roon):


Thank you @wklie , yes I’ve read about the D1 but I’d expect an improvement in D2.
My Denon’s DAC has pretty the same behaviour of the Hegel described by the reviewer: open, powerful bass and colorless… Somehow cold and precise: boring.

I’d like to improve soundstage separation and overall musicality.
Being a Lead developer for this product do you thing that improvements could be possible in the future or you have squeezed all the capabilities yet?

I have an Auralic Aries Mini which has improved dramatically since my first purchase thanks to a constant and precise upgrading policy. Do you share the same philosophy?

For network players it is extremely important to have updates, due to new features or services, maintenance, etc. Lumin is one of the few Roon Ready players using the latest RAAT 1.1.23. Currently we also support MQA, Tidal, Qobuz, Spotify Connect, TuneIn.

Our very first Lumin product was released at the end of 2012, and it has been continually updated together with our whole product line - this is not going to stop any time soon. Our track record of firmware releases can be seen here:


Looking in to a D2 myself at the moment but it looks like the Android app is behind the IOS one for controlling other streaming services. Is this still the case and if so how long until it updated?

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The Lumin Android app has nearly the same features as the iOS app, but it is true that the iOS app is more mature. On Android you may also use Linn Kazoo app or Bubble DS Next app due to Lumin OpenHome compliance.

Since this is a Roon forum I’d assume you to be a Roon user, you’d be using the Roon Remote app on Android for listening to NAS music or Tidal instead of the any other app anyway. For Spotify Connect you’d have to use the Spotify app. Only in Qobuz do you need the aforementioned OpenHome apps.

I ask as I would not be using it exclusively with Roon. Having to use different apps to access the different streaming services is a big thing for me and I really dont like using uPnP. I know there is no choice for Spotify,

I’ve taken a look at the PMA-1600NE you’re using. If you purchase a Lumin player, you should connect the Lumin player RCA output to one of the amplifier RCA audio inputs marked as CD or NETWORK.

Most importantly, turn on ANALOG MODE 2 and SOURCE DIRECT for best sound quality.


If you plan to use or try different streaming services that is not already natively supported (Tidal / Qobuz / Spotify Connect / TuneIn), using an iPad is recommended - because you can still AirPlay from a non-supported streaming service iPad app to Lumin.

I think you misunderstand what i meant by my last statement So Qobuz and Tidal are not natively supported on the device via Android? Only by Ipad.or am I getting the wrong idea. I dont care about other services other than Tidal, Spotify and Qobuz. You mentioned having to use Openhome for Qoboz on Android ? This is what I dont want to have to do use differnent apps to use different services that the device can handle other than Roon. I might not stick with TIdal and might switch to Qobuz so native app support for this is essential. I dont want to have to buy an iPad to get this functonality

If you look at the Lumin site it says Tidal and Qobuz support coming soon to Android.

I know thats what I asked orginally about but got no answer,

Tidal and Qobuz are already supported by the Android app. That outdated status is now removed from our web page. Thanks.

I meant that Lumin is OpenHome compliant. Our Lumin native app is an OpenHome app that Lumin users use to control Lumin players operating in its native OpenHome mode, along with other users using it for other OpenHome players such as Linn.

In the same way that Linn player owners can use Lumin app, Lumin player owners can also use Linn apps. My point is that if there is some imperfection with one app that you don’t like, there are alternative apps to choose from, in addition to Roon Remote.

Ah ok, Sorr. Still is there any idea of when your android lumin app will be updated to support Tidal and Qobuz in it?

Current version of Lumin android app already support Tidal and Qobuz.

Ok thats what I needed to know. You need to update your website and Google play as they say its coming soon still.

I’ve taken a look at the PMA-1600NE you’re using. If you purchase a Lumin player, you should connect the Lumin player RCA output to one of the amplifier RCA audio inputs marked as CD or NETWORK.
Most importantly, turn on ANALOG MODE 2 and SOURCE DIRECT for best sound quality.

Yep, I always use source direct and analog mode for serious listening.
It is a very transparent amplifier, so I think the sound signature of the Lumin should appear easily.

Done. Thanks.

Very impressive indeed.