Lumin D2... Could it be a perceivable upgrade in sound quality?

(Bruce Shelton) #41

Thorsten - Any feedback yet on the D2, particularly if the sound is more similar to analog than the Bluesound device? Thanks.

(Paolo Limoncelli) #42

No external dac needed, at least not in the same pricetag. I’d have added an external dac only if I owned some hi-end top product. The Wolfsons perform remarkably well. I’ve had the Bluesound for a short period and the Lumin sounds much more analog.
In particular with the DSD upsampling active all flows smooth and rich.

(Thorsten Vieth) #43

The D2 is a good step up in sound quality from the Buesound. No question at all. I am extremely happy with the purchase and won’t need anything else for a long time I think.

Analog sounding is a good description, but the D2 is also very detailed. Noticing new subtleties in records that I know well, e.g. small reverb tails that I don’t remember being there.

With the D2, I learned that I like the sound of DSD, so I’ve configured Roon and the D2 according to recommendation from Lumin directly as below. Haven’t played around with different filter settings in Roon after that yet because it already sounds gorgeous.

(Bruce Shelton) #44

Thank you both for the feedback! I’m looking to shift the presentation of my system from neutral, high quality digital to something closer to analog with a touch of warmth. Sounds like the D2 might be a good choice. Love the black finish option, too. Too bad it’s not available on the T-1 model.

The D2 would replace a Sonore UltraRendu with the Uptone LPS1.2 power supply and Hegel HD 25 DAC. Not inexpensive, so I’m a little cautious about making the change. The rest of the system includes a Hegel H90 integrated and Harbeth 30.1 speakers. The sound is very revealing and mostly enjoyable but by no stretch “gorgeous/” (great word choice, BTW). Along with D2, I’m considering a LFD LE Mk V to replace the Hegel.

(Thorsten Vieth) #45

And I’m not even a native speaker :slight_smile: For me, Lumin + LFD + Harbeth is a winning combination. I love the simplicity of it.

(Mark Bauer) #46

I just switched from using an OPPO UDP 205 to the Lumin D2 for the ROON output on my main system. The difference is astounding. The Lumin is incredibly warm, refined, and detailed. While many others have said it, I must agree… it’s the most “analog”, in the best sense of the word, digital source I have ever heard. Full MQA unfolding, ability to play just about any file in existence, and beautiful build quality. Combined with ROON’s fantastic software and TIDAL integration, I could not be happier.

(Paolo Limoncelli) #47

@wklie Hi Peter, are you aware of some sort of bug/issues with latest firmware update?
I’m experiencing occasional white noise coming out from one channel which disappears if I go back and then forward with tracks.

This seems to happen with Roon only, in particular when a Radio Mode is streaming and picks from mixed formats (native DSD files, FLAC, etc…). I have internal Lumin DSD upsampling active (no parallelize active).

Also I’ve noticed that with some FLAC albums (Tidal and Local) there is a bit of distortion in high frequencies. This happens with Lumin App too from DNLA (but seems to be a bit more smoother).

Any help?

(Peter Lie) #48

Just released another firmware update, which hopefully fixes the noise problem.

(Paolo Limoncelli) #49

Man… This is sick… You’re damn fast! :joy:

(Paolo Limoncelli) #50

@wklie Hi, may I ask you if you did something dealing with reproduction timbre in latest firmware updates? My D2 started sounding somehow sharp and unforgiving (with upper-middle and high frequencies)… It seems to slowly move to a “cold” reproduction… I’m pretty sure these frequencies were silky smooth before recent updates… Also distortions are occasionally perceivable… Am I the only one here? :thinking:

(Peter Lie) #51

I’ll prepare something and send you a PM you tomorrow.

(Ray Hapes) #52

I know this is an old thread feel compelled to chime in on the Lumin praise. I researched the D2 in the morning went back to purchase in the afternoon D3 had been released…cool…bought it. Wow could not be happier…yes analogue in the best sense …and…in my system just sparkly…not in a brash way but delightful detail in the upper registers. I was hearing subtleties as never before. In my room I was getting a distinct representation of the original hall boundaries as I had never heard. Fantastic!!! Beautiful piece of gear simple smallish bullet proof black you gotta hear this one.


The D3? Any info about this?

(Peter Lie) #54

There is no Lumin D3. I guess that was a typo, or a dealer decides to sell a D2 with a third party LPS conversion and call it something else.


Thanks for clarifying, @wklie. Shame the D2 doesn’t have an input for an optional external LPS (c.f. Mytek Brooklyn DAC+)…but of course it may be that you feel very confident in the enclosed SMPS. Mine arrives to demo on Tuesday :grinning:

(Peter Lie) #56

Although we do not encourage it, there are at least three vendors who supply LPS conversion kits if you desire.

@Mars2k please clarify exactly what the “D3” is. Thanks.

(Tony) #57

Well it was a D2 on March 11th…further up this thread.


Thanks, I hadn’t realised that…though I guess it suggests that others might like an optional barrel connector too :wink: The jury’s out for me on whether I’d want it or not - it’s just nice to have options, and I’d prefer that they didn’t risk warranty issues later.

(Ramiro Salas) #59

That’s exactly the setup I chose for my home theater/audio room.

I use a D2 connected via XLR to an Emotiva XSP-1 preamp, which connects to the Marantz 7704 using the HT Bypass mode, and then connected to an Emotiva XPA-DR3 amp that powers my Legacy Audio mains an center. The Marantz connects to a multichannel Flying Mole amp for the rest of the HT setup.

I was so happy with the sound quality I was getting with the D2 compared to all my other DACs, that I just decided to buy 2 more, one for my home office (D2 -> Schiit Jotunheim -> Emotiva Stealth 8), and one for my family room (D2 -> Emotiva XMC-1 -> ASP.4 -> 2 x ATI AT528NC -> Linkwitz LX521.4).

I now have put my Oppo Sonica, my Wyred4Sound 2v2 and my Teac UD503 DACs for sale thanks to Lumin.

Most of my collection is HiRes PCM with about 20-25% DSD, where the D2 shines. I did have a Tidal subscription for a while and I tested some MQA, which sounded very good, but I always heard some tiny cracking when used via Roon (not present when using the Tidal integration with the Lumin app). I saw some references in the forums and I tried updating my ffmpeg in the controller, but nothing really worked as expected so I dropped the Tidal subscription. I wasn’t really taking advantage of it.

One piece of feedback for you guys, would be to have a Lumin app for config and updates only that doesn’t require an iPad, just iPhone. I now have an iPad that I use only for this, which is kind of a waste. Thanks for creating such a quality product.

(Peter Lie) #60

Our app has supported iPhone since December 2015. It is possible to setup and update a Lumin player using iPhone. Owing to the smaller screen size of iPhone, when the app is running on iPhone it’s required to swipe left/right to switch among app views.