Lumin D2 squeaky sound during upsampling (PCM to DSD only)

I’m very happy with the overall SQ of D2, with analogue output to my Accuphase E280 and Quad Z4. Purchased this streamer only a month ago.

Everything works great but recently I noticed a minor but clear squeaky sound, coming out from the machine and not via speakers, whenever I switch to a track on Lumin App on Tidal that upsamples from PCM to DSD. It sounds like the noise when I play basketball and turn quickly in a pair of sneakers with rubber sole.

It happens 100% of the time when I play a track upsampled from PCM to DSD. It never happens when I don’t upsample, upsample PCM to PCM, or play Tidal MQA files.

Is this normal or did I get a faulty D2? Any comments or sharing would be appreciated…!!

Flagging @wklie. Would you be able to advise please? Thanks a lot!

(Nice to meet you by the way. I’ve been reading a lot of Lumin posts and you seem to be the guru and official team lead? Hello.)

It is possible to hear a (normal) relay click during transition between PCM and DSD. However, if you hear any other types of odd and prolonged (i.e. last longer than a second) sound from the unit (instead of speakers) that bothers you, please check with your dealer.

You may also check stereo DSD64 tracks, instead of doing PCM to DSD conversion, from here:

Thank you Peter! Yes it’s a short relay sound as you described, less than one second.

I guess it’s normal then :slight_smile: and I will check out the link you shared.