LUMIN L1- 2TB any experience?

Hi guys

Currently auditioning the T2 and enjoying it very much.
Running it thru ROOn via my IMAC + external hard disk (Songs are stored).
I also enjoy the T2 using the Spotify connect/- so seamless.
Question: if to considering using L1 in the future, definitely connect it thru the ethernet or my network switch.
Lumin T2 can definitely read it, how about the other products from SOTM or Aurender ? Can SOTM SMS200 for example read the music contents inside the L1 ?
How is the L1 different from this product:

WD 4TB My Cloud EX2 Ultra Network Attached Storage - NAS


L1 does not support Roon for its network connection because L1 does not support a network file system such as SMB.

If connected to the Roon Core computer via USB port, L1 acts as a normal USB HDD.

L1 was designed to be zero configuration UPnP library for use with Lumin app. It matches the aesthetics of Lumin productions and does not require technical expertise with NAS. Putting music to the L1 is done via USB HDD copy operation. When the USB is unplugged, it turns into a UPnP library.

I assume then that L1 is intended to be used with the Lumin app (iPhone or tablet) , connect L1 into network via ethernet ?
Thank you for response.

Yes. Putting music to the L1 is done via the USB port. Playing music using Lumin app is done using the network port.

hi Peter,

Yes I do understand that part, but how is this L1 best used ? Thanks. so definitely no Roon with it ?

For Lumin app. Not for Roon. If you have to use it for Roon you can connect it to a Roon Core computer via the USB port as a USB HDD.

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