Lumin Luxman Roon Only Mode / Esoteric TEAC RAAT Mode

My D2 is not getting any update still on 14.6

Whether upgrading firmware and putting special code (#ROONONLY)have same effect as putting internet radio, tidal , Qobuz,Spotify disabled and keeping only Roon enabled in Lumin app or something different

The difference is that Lumin still reacts to UPnP if not in Roon Only mode.

I put X1 in roon only mode. Even though I use HAF filters with Roon , I feel more crispness in sound after putting in Roon only mode

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Hello, has anyone reset their Lumin yet (back to normal Mode). And what about the warranty if the factory reset doesn’t work?

You can also test the factory reset if you like. Just make sure you have some music in the Lumin app playlist (and wait for 60 seconds), or memorize settings you’ve changed (including Tidal Qobuz logins). Then factory reset. You’d see the native playlist cleared and all settings reset. This way the hardware reset button is tested.

In the unlikely event the factory reset does not work, I have yet another way to recover it.


Thank you Peter, i will test it and give feedback.

I would like to add some steps for rebooting Lumin in addition to @peter first post that “ after some letters come on Lumin screen , Lumin again prompts to press reset second time after which the Lumin comes back with all other services. Just for A-B comparison of music I did it today . Again changed back to Roon only mode.

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Will I still be able to stream Qobuz from within Roon in Roon Only mode?

Will Lumin A1 work as a roon core? that is, will not be necessary a switch?

No Lumin ( yet :sunglasses:) will work as a Roon Core.
You will still need to host Roon Core on a suitable PC type device.

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Yes, you will be able to use Roon to stream Qobuz in Roon Only mode. However, you will not be able to use Lumin app to stream Qobuz in Roon Only mode.

Can’t wait to try this but I think I’ll wait for 15.1 :wink:

Which begs the question. How do you update firmware in Roon only mode?

Internet firmware upgrade cannot be done in Roon Only mode. It can be internet upgraded only after factory reset.

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Released. Please update the app too.

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@wklie Peter, thx for a release stripping out all unnecessary services unrelated to roon. I do have a pretty revealing system and two things become noticeable.

  • Lower noise floor, this to me is always a bit counter intuitive but if I want to listen louder this is a typical reaction to a cleaner signal.

  • Smooth presentation, maybe only a small step but definitely a pleasing one. I found this noticeable in brass instruments.


Why counter intuitive? Because bits are bits?

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No, if the noise get less it should just be fine as is. But instead I am always listening a bit louder. I assume this is because it is less fatiguing…


Updated D2 and 2 x D1 no issues…Not tried #ROONONLY yet

It would be nice to disable / enable Roon Only mode through the application menu, without manipulating the reset.