Lumin Luxman Roon Only Mode / Esoteric TEAC RAAT Mode

With Firmware 15 of Lumin, an experimental Roon Only mode is added. Please read this post completely and understand the limitations fully to decide whether it’s appropriate or worthwhile for your needs before attempting it. For those who try it, please let me know whether you hear any differences or not.

Feature Description:
In Roon Only mode, all forms of non-Roon network playback are removed, including Lumin app native playback (UPnP, OpenHome, internet radio, multi-room), Lumin app settings control, Tidal Connect, Spotify Connect, AirPlay, etc.

To determine whether disabling other services yield a SQ improvement for Roon Ready.

Even Lumin app will not be able to see a Lumin unit in Roon Only mode because its native UPnP / OpenHome is disabled. So you should NOT try this mode if you need to use Lumin app regularly to change settings, such as switching Analog / SPDIF / USB output on some models.
You will no longer be able to internet upgrade the Lumin firmware until you factory reset the Lumin unit (see below).

How to turn on Roon Only mode (for Lumin brand hardware only):

  • Make sure you already have a complete and working Roon setup.
  • Make sure you have a valid Roon license that is not expiring soon.
  • Make sure your Lumin is running Firmware 15 or later
  • In Lumin app, log out from any services such as Tidal and Qobuz.
  • In Lumin app, make sure all settings are correct, as you will no longer be able to change any setting in Lumin app after enter the Roon Only mode.
  • In Lumin app, rename the Lumin unit to #ROONONLY in uppercase. Note that the rename is not actually applied. This special code turns the Lumin unit into Roon Only mode.
  • You will then see “Roon Ready” on the front panel, if the front panel is not disabled.

How to leave Roon Only mode (for Lumin brand hardware only):
The only way to turn off Roon Only mode is to do a hardware reset:

  • Power down the Lumin unit.
  • Insert a pin into the reset hole at the back.
  • While holding the pin, power on the unit.
  • Keep holding the pin for no less than 20 seconds, until some small text is shown on the front panel.
  • Then release the pin.
  • After factory reset, volume is reset to 100 for most models. Adjust it as necessary.

If this factory reset does not work on Lumin hardware and you still see “Roon Ready” in the front panel, you need to contact me or


Updated my U1 mini to firmware V15.
Now playing in Roon Only Mode.



Quite clever of Lumin to provide this option! What a great company! I’ll not do it myself, preferring first to hear feedback from the heat-seekers!



And your impressions?

I don’t know yet, if it sounds better the improvement is marginal.



Is Leedh Processing maintained in the experimental mode?


I did some more listening with a better dac and a higher quality headphone (Questyle CMA Twelve , Meze Empyrean) and decided to move the Lumin back in my main system.
The Roon Only Mode is a keeper.


Is there an accompanying new app beyond 7.3.3?

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Corresponding Android app has been released already.
iOS app probably needs several more days.

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I’m not being prompted for the firmware update and can’t seem to force it. I’ve tried shutting down and unplugging my LUMIN and killing/rebooting the app and restarting my iPad. How can I get the firmware update?

The models you have will get the new firmware slightly later, hopefully in 2 days.

Thanks Peter.

Would love to know peoples feedback on Roon only mode. Has Lumin done any internal testing?

I haven’t gone into ROONONLY mode yet, hence my question. In this mode, Lumin keeps the playlist like in the native app? Or is it just for purist sound quality tests.

With the Roononly option, it would be nice to export / import the settings after reboot.

Functional tests.

Entering Roon Only mode will clear the native app playlist. This can be backed up to iCloud before you do that.

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If I plan to use Lumin native app, I should not update for my T2? Thanks Peter.

I enabled #ROONONLY on my X1. Change in SQ was immediate for me. Listening to Emile-Claire Barlowe’s album Clear Day thru Tidal via roon. I had upsampling to DSD128 enabled in Lumin…happy this was still maintained. First thought is more definition in soundstage…3D sound comes to mind. I will leave it in this mode for a few days then go back…just to confirm my impression. Not sure I can give up Lumin internet radio stations though. They are better than those through Roon…plus Airplay is disabled in this mode as well…I guess thus the name…


There are other minor bug fixes (such as badly prepared DSF file with invalid data at the end) and Spotify Connect update, it’s up to you whether you want to upgrade the firmware or not.

If you have no other uses for AirPlay “Lumin Streaming”, Spotify Connect, Tidal Connect, you may try disabling them.

I use Lumin with Roon for big library USB HDD connected direct to Sonic Transporter. Small library Nas Network Storage I use Lumin native app. So if I upgrade I have to reset hardware, I can use Lumin app? Thanks Peter.

Upgrading, without entering the special code in first post, does not require you to reset the hardware.