Lumin M1 - Impressed

I feel the Lumin M1 goes unnoticed in these forums. I recently purchased one for a second system for the office and I must say im really happy. Its replacing a Bluesound Powernode 2 and while its double the retail I think its worth every penny.


It is a nice looking piece of gear, looks to be out of production now showing as archived.

Seems your right.

@wklie can I count on new firmware moving forward? All I care about is that Roon compatibility doesn’t break one day.

Yes, sure. Our original 2012 model just received a 2023 firmware update along with all other streamer models.


Fantastic, I have 2 Lumin products now and plan on buying a U2. A huge factor in that is your responsiveness and willingness to help. I cant think of any other brand that is so easily reachable and I thank you (and your team).


Even the humble M1 received the Leedh Processing update. Lumin is a fantastic company.


Hi @wklie

I’m in the market for something like the Lumin M1. I want this for an outdoor system probably with B&W AM-1 speakers. I have a Roon Nucleus+ and two systems indoors and I’d just like a simple Roon Ready solution for outdoors. But it looks like the M1 is no loner available. What did Lumin replace it with?

I want Erhernet in and analog out just like the M1.

Please advise.


It hasnt been replaced just yet. While not as high quality a powernode may be worth a shot?

There is no successor at this time.

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Is the M1 getting firmware V16? Its missing from the Facebook announcement.

Lumin - “A1 / T1 / S1 / M1 / D1 still get regular firmware updates, but the hardware is different and simply cannot run some of the more processor-intensive new features.”

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Firmware 16 was released to all models, about a week ago.

Sounds like a great product!

Next time I am “looking” let’s hope they have a DAC/Streamer/AMP/Surround unit. That is the nice thing about my Linn Selekt DSM Surround.


Indeed one would be positively predisposed to Lumin from the level of support given on this forum.

Great work @wklie



Could my LUMIN M1 be connected to a CD transport with USB output via USB? Specifically Shanling ET3 CD transport with USB output.

This one: ET3_Shenzhen Shanling Digital Techno

No, none of the Lumin products support CD drive connection.

Users are encouraged to rip their CDs using a computer.

Thanks for the response :slight_smile: