Lumin M1 - Impressed

I feel the Lumin M1 goes unnoticed in these forums. I recently purchased one for a second system for the office and I must say im really happy. Its replacing a Bluesound Powernode 2 and while its double the retail I think its worth every penny.


It is a nice looking piece of gear, looks to be out of production now showing as archived.

Seems your right.

@wklie can I count on new firmware moving forward? All I care about is that Roon compatibility doesn’t break one day.

Yes, sure. Our original 2012 model just received a 2023 firmware update along with all other streamer models.


Fantastic, I have 2 Lumin products now and plan on buying a U2. A huge factor in that is your responsiveness and willingness to help. I cant think of any other brand that is so easily reachable and I thank you (and your team).


Even the humble M1 received the Leedh Processing update. Lumin is a fantastic company.