Lumin M1 MQA Roon Ready integrated amplifier

Lumin M1 is now MQA certified, making it one of the rare MQA Roon Ready integrated amplifier that actually decodes MQA over Roon RAAT (*)

So the whole Lumin network player/transport product line S1 / A1 / T1 / D1 / D2 / U1 / M1 are now MQA certified.

Note * : There are other MQA Roon Ready products from other manufacturers that cannot decode MQA when playing from Roon. Another amplifier that is marketed as MQA Roon Ready does not appear in Roon partner device matrix:

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@wklie Peter, this is great news. I’ve actually been thinking about selling my Devialet 200 and moving to the Lumin M1. Some may question my sanity but I have been dismayed by Devialet’s lack of ongoing upgrades to the Expert (non Pro) line and prospect of laying down a lot of money to upgrade to their latest iteration, which does not support MQA. Anyway, kudos to Lumin for their good work!