LUMIN Music - Leedh Processing

Leedh Processing comes to all LUMIN players.

Leedh Processing is an innovative new digital volume adjustment algorithm that eliminates rounding errors and modifies the digital signal amplitude exactly, without any changes to its shape and free from any kind of information loss.

More info here:

Update your firmware today!



I’d be interested to hear from those who apply the firmware update. Some reviews have indicated that the results have been quite good.

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After updating the promised new setting does not appear in Lumin app for T2

Nor for me on a D2…

Edit: Works perfectly - @DLS - you need to update the app too!

Thanks, that worked.

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Thanks Peter!

Peter-How do I “force” the update since I have not been prompted to do it yet?

Usually just (re)start the app.

Strange, I’ve restarted the app but I am not seeing it…

Same here.

If not already on Firmware 13, please power cycle the Lumin. Swipe away the app and restart it.

Benjamin and @rrwmd please let me know whether the firmware upgrade is successful for your T2 and S1 respectively, when you have the chance to try it again.

Sorry Peter but after trying what you suggested I still can’t get it to prompt me to install the new firmware.

Never mind Peter. I opened the app on my iPhone rather than my iPad and it prompted me.

Peter, none of these articles explain anything about what this does.
Just gush that whatever it does is wonderful.
Are you in a position to say something meaningful?

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Not really, due to NDA. I would have to refer you to Acoustical Beauty marketing materials and patents.

Hi Peter - the app on my iPhone shows version 6.1.17 and displays the Leedh Processing volume, however on my iPad there was an update too but don’t see this new feature, also shows a different version i.e. 6.1.15.

For the iPad, please launch the Apple app store and update the Lumin app.

Ok will try that, thanks!