Lumin remote control

Yes you can.

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Picked my remote up tonight. They got the Lumin design just right. Great job.

Its really nice not relying on the app for everything. And as a unexpected bonus it sounds better than my old remote! I even measured it!


I don’t use Roon at all - but when Googling LEEDH PROCESSING as a LOSSLESS software digital volume control I came across this post.

LEEDH seems to be implemented only in LUMIN when it comes to dedicated streamers (i.e. not Auralic).

Also I would have much preferred a wireless radio remote control because my separates are not line of sight - I am hoping that I can move the IR dome into a position where I can make it usable.

I have never listened to a LUMIN before (I would only get the entry level model) - just how good are they compared with Auralic (I have an Auralic Mini)?


More info on LEEDH and the partnering companies is available here:

Based on your question - you have an Auralic Aries Mini I assume ? - and you want feedback on the Lumin U1 Mini which would be the entry level transporter from Lumin ?

I switched from a Lumin U1 Mini to an Auralic Aries G2.1 - I needed the capability to use USB, Coax and Optical in parallel, which is a limitation of the U1 Mini.

Auralic offers more DSP options, filters, EQ vs Lumin however I was becoming increasingly unhappy with the Auralic software and platform instability.

Auralic transporters are very clean, neutral and sometimes almost a bit sterile, Lumin a tad warmer and more ¨live¨. Quality wise, not sure that you would gain a lot switching an Aries Mini to U1 Mini.

Personally I am back with Lumin now, with a device that also replaced my previous DAC - probably the most significant acoustic step up in my system since quite some time.

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Perhaps not a big step up when comparing the Auralic Mini with the U1 Mini in the standard way… but what about when you will always be using the software volume control on both - assuming then that the U1 Mini runs away the the trophy when used in this manner - and this may significantly affect the sound quality.

You may just use Roon Remote app, Lumin app (if not using Roon), or Spotify app / Tidal app (for respective native streaming) to control the volume via WiFi.

Lumin User feedback on using Leedh has been very positive across many devices and yes of course is a standout argument of the U1 vs Aries Mini.
I never used it personally, I am old school and prefer my volume knob on the pre-amp, just to prevent I accidentally fry my amp and speakers.
(I know there are ways to prevent that in the Lumin App)

I guess the impact will also depend on your other components such as DAC, Amp, Speakers.

If you are curious, give it a try, for sure no harm done. The U1 Mini is a great device.

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Thanks Peter - it’s good to know that LUMIN are on here chiming in especially as I am a potential new customer.

But Peter I really like the tactile use of a separate remote control over and above using apps for quick functions like volume and mute - it really irks me that I have to use my phone or iPad when I would much much prefer to pull out a separate remote control unit for simple and quick functions.

I was hoping that you could use something like the wireless remote control from HiFiBerry which just simulates a keyboard - if the supporting software for LUMIN is Linux based then surely it would be a simple bit of code to implement.

Infra-red has to be line of sight and unfortunately my equipment is not line of sight.


Wanting a wireless remote control is still my goal (due to line of sight issues) and not requiring the need to reach for my phone or iPad…

I see this as an alternative:

Of course the HiFiBerry does not use the LEEDH system which may be a notable disadvantage…

Are you aware of this system?

It also works with a different and even better remote which is called RooNuimo - you can find it in this forum as well.
I use both with my Lumin (running Leedh) and I couldn’t be happier.
Line of sight is not required because both operate via Bluetooth.

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Another avenue: Have you looked into IR extenders? Very common in home automation and home theater setups. I have a small infrared receiver at the front of my room and an underfloor cable to a large emitter in my home theater cabinet where it controls my AV Receiver and Satellite TV box.
Mine is from a company called Keene, but I believe there are lots of alternatives.

Does this only work with Roon? Looks great and better still it works with the Apple Watch.

However - thing is - I don’t use Roon.

Sorry, no: It only works with Roon.
I did not read your post thoroughly enough …

Nevertheless - this is as strong case for using Roon in my opinion - so all is not lost in that respect so luckily you did not read my post thoroughly.

I have a Roon endpoint streamer so perhaps I should make the most of it. Sadly I will only use Roon for the wireless remote control functionality but I understand that Roon also has a high quality digital “software” volume control (perhaps not to the standard of LEEDH but nevertheless …).

I just need a convenient Roon Server (another box to worry about). I may as-well incorporate the Roon Server onto my NUC upstairs which should have a high enough spec to be good enough. As long as I don’t have to worry about sound quality tweaks of another box hoping that Roon running from a NUC is as good as it needs to be - and in fact it’s the audio equipment endpoints that burden the sound quality requirements and not the Roon Server (the Roon Server is simply the delivery mechanism).

You can get Roon to use the Leedh volume in LUMIN instead of its own no problem.

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I am pretty sure you will be using Roon for much more than just that - it has a way of making itself indispensable once you have it installed.
And the thing with “another box to worry about” seem quite overrated to me as well. ROCK is really easy to install on a NUC and runs more or less trouble free (for most users).

As for Roon and Leedh - here is a screenshot of my signal path. I control my Lumin’s Leedh volume with my RooNuimo via Roon.
I would not want to go back to any kind of IR-remote …

Does Roon Rock run alongside Windows 10 so I can keep using my NUC as a normal computer so to speak?

Actually sorry Roon Rock I see is a dedicated o/s - it would be better for me to install Roon on Windows 10.

Ideal scenario = NUC Windows 10 install of Roon >> send music to my wireless Roon end point in another room ← control the ‘software’ volume control on Roon with the HiFi Berry Wireless remote control.

I’ve now got the HiFi Berry remote and it works with volume UP and DOWN on my Pro-Ject Stream Box Ultra when the USB dongle from the remote is inserted in the aux input.

The Stream Box runs Volumino and is essentially a souped up Raspberry Pi by the hands of John Westlake.

Well there’s some success here at least.

I will try it in my sMS-200 Ultra next when running Squeezelite.

Hi. I see only one standby button on the remote control. Is there any chance to teach Logitech Harmony separate Power On and Power Off functions? Such a separation provides me with control to turn zones on and off without confusion.