Lumin remote control

Saw a reference to this on Facebook.

Will this allow control of Roon or only Lumin app?

Yes, it will be functional when using Roon too.

When - As soon as we finalize the packaging, distribution schemes and logistics. We already have the first batch of actual hardware ready.
All past and present models of Lumin network players and transports are supported.
Price is subject to change, tentatively USD2xx.
Roon compatible.

The remote control package comes with a USB IR receiver in the shape of a half sphere, for those who wonder how existing Lumin models can be operated. For Lumin X1 and T2, since there is only one USB port, if you plug in the USB IR receiver, you do not have another port for USB storage (not usable with Roon anyway) or USB DAC output. For the M1, if you already use one USB port for the RCA input adapter, using the other USB port for the USB IR receiver would meaning leaving no USB port for USB storage (not usable with Roon anyway). There should be some USB hub that could workaround this limitation, but I cannot guarantee that because different hubs do behave differently.

The remote control and the receiver are made in Austria.


Hi Peter, hi Angus. Does this mean I wouldn’t have to use an iPad/iPhone at all? Maybe just choose a playlist on it, then get it out of the way and just use the remote for volume up/down (Leedh), skip tracks, play/pause etc without even having to look at a screen?
If so I’m game :slight_smile:

The remote has buttons for volume up / down / mute / play / pause / next / previous / shuffle / repeat / standby. For using these remote functions, you don’t need to pick up the iPad.

Anything other than these (e.g. playlist adjustment) will still require the iPad.


Already asked the distributor in my country to order one :star_struck:
Thanks Peter.

This is FANTASTIC news. Can’t wait to get my hands on one.

Now if only the developers at Roon would stop making excuses for why they can’t deliver a portrait view on a regular ipad…

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I hope they are working on many other enhancements and not waste time on developing portrait mode.