Lumin remote control

Hi Peter,
Waiting for my Austrian beauty to arrive. Question -the U1 Mini has 2 USB slots, 1 of which will now be assigned to the remote hub. Can I still use the other USB and keep the thumb drive w/files I currently have in there? For output I am consequently changing to an AES/EBU cable.

Yes. If you need remote, thumb drive and usb output, you may use a USB hub. AES sounds better with some DAC anyway.

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Or 299€ in Europe…

Hi Peter, if I do connect T2 directly to power amp, which app would I use to control the volume?
Roon or Lumin ?

Same volume control for both apps, and Spotify app too.

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Got mine today and it’s a beauty - really solid, sleek and well made :+1:t2:
There are no instructions so with the Mini the C1 button controls the display but what does the C2 do?
Are there any plans to utilise the numbers - perhaps as playlist numbers?


Reserved for future use

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Got my remote today and it’s really amazing.
Much faster than the harmony extension and also the remote itself looks very nice, but I’m using for control my Philips Pronto Pro.


For those of you looking for a simpler remote with only the most used functions, there is something available here:

I have been using it for a few days now and am really impressed!

Still waiting for my Lumin remote, though, because at least I sometimes need more funtions …
But the Surface Dial is great for what it does!

But that’s also not a real cheap solution (you’ll need the surface dial, an RPI 4 and a licence).
Then it’s IMHO better to buy a Logitech Harmony…
The lumin remote looks very nice, reacts really fast also with Roon and can control nearly the whole lumin device.

I paid about 110 Euros for the hardware (Dial, Pi, Case) which is not too bad IMO.
Maybe I am a special case, but I really LOVE the feeling of a rotary button for volume control and the Dial works without any latency and very smoothly.
The other thing is looks: It is very elegant and unobtrusive - even my girlfriend does not object to it lying around …
The Harmony is rather cluttered to my eyes and would be no alternative to me. The Lumin remote on the other hand seems great, but it will certainly not replace my Dial - they will serve different purposes.

Not chuffed at all. The Lumin control I ordered will only arrive to the country I live in … by March.


If I have two Lumin devices in the same rack (one connected to my headphone amp and one to my integrated amp) and both have remote controls attached, will operating one remote on a device playing tracks “wake up” the other unit that is in idle mode? Or, will the idle unit simply ignore the remote commands because it’s not actively doing something at the time?

It will affect both. Simply pressing Play on the remote will cause both to play.

Even if there are no files in the Roon or Lumin queue?

For Lumin app, only if your habit is to clear the current playlist every time after use, then pressing Play will not cause anything to be played. However, I expect most people leave their current playlist as is.

For Roon, I’m not 100% sure, since there is Roon Radio.

On the U1, can I use one USB connected to the DAC and the other connected to the remote receiver?

Yes you can.

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Picked my remote up tonight. They got the Lumin design just right. Great job.

Its really nice not relying on the app for everything. And as a unexpected bonus it sounds better than my old remote! I even measured it!


I don’t use Roon at all - but when Googling LEEDH PROCESSING as a LOSSLESS software digital volume control I came across this post.

LEEDH seems to be implemented only in LUMIN when it comes to dedicated streamers (i.e. not Auralic).

Also I would have much preferred a wireless radio remote control because my separates are not line of sight - I am hoping that I can move the IR dome into a position where I can make it usable.

I have never listened to a LUMIN before (I would only get the entry level model) - just how good are they compared with Auralic (I have an Auralic Mini)?