Lumin = rock solid and Roon fantastic

In the Roon hardware/software world, one hears terrible tales of undelivered promises and headaches on some platforms. We all know too well the unfortunate situation with a certain Norwegian company and I have personal experience with a French company whose products were bedeviled by a quirk that created difficulty in streaming Roon. Further compounding those issues is the lack of customer support and clear communications to mollify the situation.

Thus, it’s refreshing to have Lumin hardware/software that, at least to my knowledge and personal experience, is rock solid with Roon, frequently updated with features or streaming improvements and incredibly well represented on this and other forums by Peter Lie.

So, in this season of giving thanks, I extend much gratitude to @wklie and Lumin for the pleasure of my daily listening experience!


Thanks for the kind words.

In spite of passing Roon Ready for the first time in early 2017, a large percentage of my time is still being spent on Roon Ready these days.

In addition to getting our new model Lumin P1 to pass Roon Ready certification tests, I also helped our partners.