Hi Connected my Lumin U1 mini to use Leedh Volume.
Audio Science Review Sets their Unity GAin as follows
“As usual I setup preamplifiers for “unity gain” meaning what voltage I put in, is what comes out. On Pre90 that meant setting the volume to -6 dB instead of zero. That gives us this eye popping output:”
but most people say Unity Gain should be vol 0 on y Topping Pre 90.
I have lower this to -1 and -1.5 it seems to improve the sound still using the Leedh volume which I think is fantastic.
Is this all ok to lower from the 00 position to -1 or -1.5db ?

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I’m a user like you, I have no idea what the answer is. However, I moved it the Lumin area where you may get an answer, you’re welcome.

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Any preamp setting is ok as long as it sounds good to you.

Alternatively, (only) if you do not use other sources, you may try bypassing the preamp altogether to gain even more transparency. Do make sure the volume is a low level first before playing anything.

See whether you like having the SQ from the active preamp more, or the SQ without it more.

Hi, Peter thank you for your advice I tried -1 but went back to 00.
Re Bypassing the preamp I cannot as when I try I get a loud hum from my REL Subwoofer possibly because my Amplifier is Denafrips Apollo which is

  • Class-AB, True Balanced, Fully Discrete Power Amp *
    Not sure if it is the amp or the subwoofer because of the sub connections.
    So The little topping has a great S/n and very low noise floor some say it can equal the Benchmark.
    I thank you again and I have followed you in Roon and you’re a wise man.