Lumin Support here and elsewhere on the web is AWESOME

I’m sure as this is the Lumin area everyone here has bumped in into @wklie Peter

Those who frequent the other forums where Lumin is discussed will have seen him there too - probably there are others from Lumin but Peter always seems to be in the picture.

It is this level of support that gives me every confidence in recommending their products and enjoying the 3 Lumin’s that I have in my setup.

But its not just Lumin issues and suggestions that he deals with, he chips in all over the place and that shows true support of not just the Lumin customers, but others who need some help in our HiFi hobby.

So props to Peter and the folks at Lumin for their ongoing support here and elsewhere.



I don’t even own one of their units, but I have to agree with you. Their guy on here is awesome. I just wish they had a stand alone DAC, as I’m looking for one. If they did, I might even stretch my budget a bit.


I’ve also to agree. This support was one point, why I’ve bought at first the U1 Mini and then the T2.
My wish is, that in the future more hardware (like a complete preamp with a really good headphone out) find a way into the lumin portfolio.


Agreed. Peter’s presence and support on various web forums is awesome! Love my S1 and D2.


I had never heard of Lumin until I read about them on this forum. About 3 years ago I was seriously considering buying a Lumin Dac for my main endpoint, based on Peter’s comments around Lumin and other support on the forum. I still maybe when I upgrade that system. This kind of support does make a big difference on purchasing decisions.
On the other hand, there are certain other companies I will not touch with the proverbial bargepole, based on their Roon ‘support’ and attitude/finger pointing.


Peter is one heck of a gentleman!
As well as being extremely quick to respond to ANY Lumin question or comment he regularly chips in on many other subjects that pop up on these forums.
A true asset to the Roon forums and its community!
Many thanks again Peter…
Loving my T2 btw, still running at DSD512 for everything.


And it’s obvious he’s proud to be with Lumin. Heck of a lot better than just having a job!


Absolutely agree! Really appreciate @wklie being such an active contributor to these forums, and for providing pretty much real-time support to Lumin owners here. Lumin have a fantastic product line, and I continue to be absolutely delighted with my T2 - what an amazing piece of kit.


Have asked Peter many questions over the past few years since buying my frist Lumin…now an X1.He has never hestated to help, in spite of some lame questions at times…Thanks Peter…


100% agreed hell 110% great product great support.
Only reason for selling is I am buying a Preamp, streamer and dac in one box…definitely not the quality, performance or support of my Lumin U1 Mini in case people researching see me move away from it.

Happy Weekend everyone

You’ll be hard pressed to find a more responsive vendor representative than Peter from Lumin. He’s one of the main reasons I invested in their gear.


I had hesitations about investing thousands into new digital gear, especially after Sony left me high and dry with little support for the HAPZ1ES and it’s clunky interface for exchanging music.

By contrast, Lumin has been a godsend. The support from Peter is first class, the software is regularly updated, and new features introduced that are useful and timely. Lumin has my full support, and when I upgraded from the D2, I didn’t bother with other brands.


Have to say I totally agree with all the positive comments.
Terrific support :+1:t2:


Reminds me of Rob Watts of Chord on Head-Fi.
Both Rob and Peter are wonderful human beings and they are extremely knowledgeable and passionate about their products.
Not your regular customer service people :grinning:


I totally agree, great support and Peter is a great specialist. :+1:t2: