Lumin supports Accuphase Markerless Native DSD

Lumin adds support for USB output to Accuphase Markerless Native DSD256 playback.

Supported Accuphase models: DP-750, DP-570, DP-450, DC-1000 and DAC-60. (Older Accuphase models are not Linux native DSD compatible due to older USB hardware.)

Lumin models that have USB output: U2, U2 Mini, U1X, U1, U1 Mini, X1, P1, T3, T2.

Any Lumin Accuphase user, who has a combination of the above models, please contact me and state the models you have, so that I can send you a prerelease firmware.

This feature is based on work done by Jussi Laako for the Linux community.