Lumin supports Spotify Connect

Coinciding with the release of Lumin D2, Lumin Firmware 10 (for all Lumin network players and transport) introduces support for Spotify Connect. Note: Requires a Spotify Premium account.

Firmware 10.0 runs Roon Ready RAAT SDK 1.1.22.

Although it was possible to use Spotify Connect via AirPlay, the Lumin native support of Spotify Connect offers the following advantages:

  • Better sound quality - as confirmed by beta testers and our own listening tests

  • Support for multiple platform including Android

  • Instantaneous response via Spotify app

  • Optional upconversion to DSD - so even DSD-only LampizatOr DAC owners can enjoy Spotify via Lumin

Lumin supports Roon Ready, MQA, Tidal Masters, Qobuz Hi-Res, Spotify Connect, TuneIn, AirPlay.


Fantastic news :blush:

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