Lumin supports Tidal Connect Autoplay

Tidal Autoplay is a similar feature to Spotify Autoplay and Roon Radio.

Lumin introduces support for Tidal Connect Autoplay for Lumin Tidal Connect models (X1 T3 T2 D3 U-series P-series) in latest firmware 17.3, to be gradually rolled out to different Lumin Tidal Connect models. This is a relatively new feature for Tidal Connect (even though it existed in Tidal app phone playback for a long time, it was not usable for Tidal Connect streamers until now).

To the best of my knowledge few other streamers support it right now, so Lumin is one of the first manufacturers to support it.


Great for Tidal users but is there any news on β€œQobuz Connect”…

It works fine, autoplay is well selected by similar tracks. :+1: