Lumin supports Tidal Connect

@Peter so there could be updates for the RAAT side of things in the other Lumin products too like D1/D2?

Yes sure, but I’ll need to test that for different models.

Hi Peter,

It works well on my U1, and it sounds fantastic, silky smooth analog like. I have to admit I did not A/B and Roon updated as well over night. But so far not a single thought moving back to 13.4a

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As I have 2 x D1, I can test on one and A/B if needed…as always listening results are subjective but its worth doing still. Maybe the D2 will show even better results who knows. As always happy to beta test anything.

Prepared and sent to you.

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I am under the impression that imaging and separation has improved, was hesitant to say at first but I have now thought that multiple times on various different recordings.

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Great! Which output of U1 are you using (USB, AES, etc.), and what DAC is it?

Hi Peter,

I am using S/PDIF/BNC->2*Mutec MC3-+ with REF10 120/Mola Mola Tambaqui for Headphone

S/PDIF/BNC->1*Mutec MC3-+ with REF10 120/Genelec as Speaker setup

I have noticed it on both, so I’d call it an improvement.

Best, Martin

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You dont use the Tambaqui network connected?

No I don‘t

To clarify in case anyone is wondering, the beta RAAT changes mentioned here are my proprietary modification, not a new RAAT release.


Just listening to:

Easy Healing, not only that it sounds just wonderful, it is easy to feel the moods so positive forward looking with ease and joy.

The new Roon version and the Lumin beta got introduced the same day, but I’d attribute the positive changes to the Lumin beta, well done!


Status update:
Tidal Connect is fully functional for Lumin X1 / T2 / U1 (MINI) at production quality. We are waiting for Tidal feedback and other administrative stuff before public release.


Will you keep the RAAT changes in the production version?

Yes, sure.


Please include me, if possible!

Thanks to everyone’s support, our Tidal Connect certification is proceeding exceedingly well.


Hi, I’m currently on the U1 Mini and looking to upgrade to an U1. I would like to be on your beta test for Tidal Connect. Thank you!

The official firmware will be released soon. Thanks.

Lumin is Tidal Connect certified.

Official Lumin firmware 14 is released to support Tidal Connect for models X1 T2 U1 U1MINI.

Those who were running the beta firmware should have received instructions from me about upgrading to official firmware. If not, please PM me.