Lumin T2 burn-in

Got a new T2. How long should I burn it in?
I’ve been “burning” for a week now.


i have a t2. Manufacturer recommends to burn it in continuously 24 x7 for two weeks or more.

Send it to me I’ll burn it in for you :wink:


I burned mine in for about an hour, during which it sounded horrible. It’s been wonderful ever since, during which time I’ve been listening to music very loud, not “burning in” some electronics :nerd_face:

Please continue to burn it in 7x24 for at least one more week, or more.

What do I accomplish with another week of burn-in? I think it’s already a major step forward from my previous streamer, the D2.

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If you’re happy with the SQ you have now, then it’s great.

Previously an X1 user reported he needed 500 hours of burn in.

We just received this e-mail from a happy customer:

I just have to let you guys know - I have used my LUMIN D1 for 5 years and was happy. Four months ago I sold my D1 and upgraded to the LUMIN T2. I noticed and improvement in all aspects of my system (Krell 300i pushing Maggie 1.7i speakers) - sound stage, depth, bass, vocals, cymbals, etc. I was very happy. No one told me there was a ‘break in period’!! This system sounds better than I ever imagined four months in!

Thank you for an ‘Over the Moon’ quality product!! I just had to let you know!

A very happy customer for life!


I have an X1 and over 200 playing hours now. I initially ran 24x7 for 4 days but then have gone to 10 or so hours a day in the background. Very interestingly, it does appear to be continually evolving and improving. If this continues for up to 400-500 hours, I will be extremely happy. It is so much better now than initial play and very worthy of sit down specific, critical listening. Fortunately, I had read of long break-in time before initial play.

OK. I will run the burn-in for another week. It sounds very good now, but who knows what will happend in a week or so?

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I was surprised in the last day of my 24/7 for 2 weeks T2 burn in the low became more clear and present. I added a few days extra burn in just because I could.

Set the T2 on not going to idle and set an album in the Lumin App on repeat with amp turned off at night and when at work. No need for sound for burn in I guess. When home I used ROON.

After months of intensive use I can only say it sounds fantastic! :grin:

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just what i do…

I purchased both of my D1’s preloved and pre run in if you like. I’m running both on LMPS setups too, one. 12V@4A Plixir and the other 12V fixed output HDplex 200W supply that also powers a MOCK and EtheREGEN to which one of the D1s is connected to the B side