Lumin T2 volume control and different outputs

Lumin T2 volume control and different outputs.

Hi Peter (@wklie) I own a T2 Lumin and I’m very happy, it’s a really great player, but it gives me one slight inconvenience. My Lumin conneted by XLR directly to ATC active loudspeakers and via S / PDIF to another DAC connected to a headphone amplifier. For active speakers I have a low output level and a maximum volume of 50 (usually 15-30), and for a second DAC I need a normal output level and a volume of 100 or turn off the volume control. Unfortunately, Lumin does not remember these values ​​for each output (but does remember the upsampling values), so every time I switch to the analog output I need to be very careful and check the volume value to avoid damaging my loudspeakers. It would be great to add the ability to have different volume settings for different outputs in a future firmware. Regards, German

This request is noted.