Lumin U1 - any users?

I have not been able to find many (any) reviews of this unit. I read great things about the other units but I really like my current DAC so would just want to act as a streamer. Quite a big investment so keen to hear from current owners and what they think it brings to their system. I am currently using SonicTransport i5 feeding microrendu and thinking of upgrade here to feed into Gryphon Kalliope DAC.

Any thoughts / experiences appreciated.

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Thanks for the information. I will do some reading and follow up with any questions I have.

Any inputs from owners would be interesting to me.

Lumin U1 MINI is a cost-reduced full-function version of U1.

Interesting, any MSRP on the U1 MINI?

Sent preliminary MSRP via PM.

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That is a streamer that fits all my wishes. I have been waiting for a player like this for a long time. Why haven’t you announced it three weeks earlier? I just bought a Digione Signature. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Time to start saving some money and sell it again.

Hi Peter @wklie,
My A1 works fine via SPDIF to my Esoteric K-01X.
I was just wondering about the U1 & U1 Mini? Would either of these units pass USB to the Esoteric, and would this stream be asynchronous?


You may use the U1 MINI or U1 to output DSD128 / PCM384 via asynchronous USB to K-01X.

You may also use the RCA coaxial output to pass DSD64 / PCM192 like you can with the A1 BNC now, but with better SQ.

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Cheers Peter.
Is DSD via USB native from both models, or is it DoP?
And are there any technical differences between the units?
Obviously, the U1 has a much better power supply and build, but I just wondered about functionality? Are they identical in this respect?

Since K-01X does not support DSD256, native DSD is not needed. DoP works.

The only differences are: linear power supply, heavy aluminium chassis like the A1, and native DSD512 (irrelevant for K-01X). So the U1 MINI is a great value.

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Cheers Peter. That’s really helpful.
Now the K-01X has ‘burnt in’, I’m really starting to like it. It’s a little more ‘precise’ than the A1 in its sound signature, and I’m finding myself listening more to A1 => K-01X than A1 in its own, hence my thoughts about looking at U1/U1 Mini.
I’ve heard the X1, and love it, but I feel that I’d just go ‘DAC-overload’ if I went down this route, with the DAC in the K-01X, and a Chord stack. The U1/U1 Mini make more sense in the system I have.
And yes, I too think the U1 Mini is incredible value :grinning:

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We have many Lumin U1 (MIN) customers using Chord with really good results - there was even a Japanese review for that. We also added DoP256 output specifically for Chord. If you get one, try it and I’m confident you would get better SQ than direct USB connection from your Roon core.


I’ve plumped for the U1 Peter.
I’m going to send the USB output into the K-01X.
The U1 matches the aesthetics of my black Klimax Kontrol :grinning:

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A black U1 is on its way to the dealer now, which I’ve been told I can evaluate at home. Looking forward to putting it through its paces :smiley:


I use a U1 with Chord Dave/Blu. It’s fantastic. Think you’ll love it.


Cheers Craig! :grinning:
I’m planning on taking the USB output to the K-01X, and the SPDIF output to the M Scaler/TT2.

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Very cool. I’ll be very interested if you compared to straight usb to mscaler. I’ve thought about trying a U1 usb to a reclocker and SPDIF to Blu to see how it compares. While the k1 isn’t exactly the same it would still be a data point.

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A Lumin U1 via AES to Totaldac D1… Love it…!

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Hi Peter

How big of a difference in sonic improvement is the U1 over the U1 mini ??