Lumin U1 Mini and DAC or NUC and DAC?

Hi, my system consists of a Copland Cta 408 amplifier, Copland DAC 215 Dac, B&W 702 S2 Signature speakers, Lumin U1 Mini Streamer, Intel I7 NUC (on which I installed Roon Core). I have the possibility to directly connect the NUC to the DAC via USB. My question is this: is it better to connect the NUC with Roon Core directly via USB to the DAC (excluding the Lumin) or go through the Lumin connected to the DAC via USB?
Thank you

Functionally, you get features not (yet) offered by Roon: Spotify, and Tidal Hi-Res FLAC (at the time of this post), and the ability to play local files even when your internet is down for whatever reason.

Sonically, since you already own the Lumin, it’s best if you can find out experimentally for yourself whether the Lumin sounds better than the NUC in your setup in an A/B comparison. I hope it does.


Hi Peter, can you also tell me, please, in the case of using Roon and Lumin, which main parameters should I set (and how) in Roon?
Thanks again

Hi Peter, could I PM you how to activate #ROONONLY mode on the Lumin?

Check this thread for instructions (the first post)…

Please disable all services you don’t need in Lumin app: Lumin Streaming (AirPlay), Tidal Connect, Spotify Connect, Multi-Room, Re-sampling, etc.

If you need to send DSD to the DAC, disable Lumin volume control.

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Ok Peter thanks

Roon has a suggestion that using a networked endpoint (ie the Lumin) is preferred to connection of a DAC direct to a PC/Mac/NUC core via usb.

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But with a USB connection or coax cable from Lumin to the DAC.

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I use both and get great results with both. USB → Denafrips GAIA DDC → SPDIF → Chord Qutest in one system. Nucleus to Lumin A1 via RJ45 on another. I know that USB direct connect is supposed to use more system resources than network only.

I’m waiting for a linear power supply for the NUC (with Roon core), in the meantime I’m using the Lumin u1 (with Lumin App) directly connected to the DAC with a coaxial cable which, to my ears, seems to have a better performance than the USB cable. When I introduce the NUC (with Roon) I think I will leave the coaxial cable connection

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I guess you are OK with the limited data speeds of the coax connection or maybe your DAC has limited speed options too.

Hmm, three days ago you (using a different account?) said in another thread:

the system sounds better with the USB connection rather than with the coaxial cable.](Lumin U1 Mini / Roon settings - #41 by Giuseppe_Contino)

So I’m a little confused.

Make sure it’s 19V with no less than 3.5A. Do not use a 12V LPS for NUC.


You’re right, sorry, I forgot to say that the reason for my way of judging was due to the fact that I replaced the coaxial cable (borrowed from my PC) with another of better quality (Audioquest Cinnamon). the difference is appreciable.
Yes, I purchased an 80W hifi linear power supply, linear output with very low noise DC 19V/4A

Yes I know. I have a Copland 215 DAC which, in coaxial, recognizes 44.1~192 kHz (32 bit) files. I only listen to liquid music with Qobuz Hires subscription, no DSD or MQA files. Therefore compatible with coaxial connection

In my system: Intel NUC with Roon core, Lumin u1 mini (RAAT) streamer and Copland DAC, this image appears in the representation of the signal transmission (Twice the Lumin icon):