Lumin U1 Mini / Roon settings

Hi everyone

Just wondering if anyone could provide some guidance and best settings for the lumin U1 mini acting as an endpoint for Roon.

I’m keen to understand what people think about things like MQA unpacking, upscaling etc and if I should do these things on the Roon core or the lumin?

For info, I’m running my lumin into a Matrix X via usb and then into a DirectStream dac via i2s.


You may disable the AES / BNC / coaxial / toslink outputs if they are not used.

You may also disable Spotify Connect and AirPlay “Lumin Streaming” if these are not used.

To adopt the Roon model of keeping the most processing on Roon Core rather than the endpoint, set MQA capabilities to Renderer Only.

Custom re-sampling should be left as Off.