Lumin U1 Mini vs. Bryston BDP's

Hi folks,
I’ve had a Bryston BDP-1 for about 5 years now and thinking about changing things up and getting a Lumin U1 mini.

I’ve had great experience using the BDP1 as a Roon endpoint and also playing digital files from an external drive.

Now, 90% of my listening is Roon/Tidal. And curious whether the Lumin may offer some sonic improvements compared to the BDP.

Does anyone have experience with both the Mini and the BDP?

ps. currently using Macbook as RoonCore and this will change too!

Thanks a ton

What DAC are you using? And the pre-amp, amp, etc.?

For the Roon Core, just get a NUC8i7BEH 8GB RAM m.2 250GB SSD with a fanless chassis.

hi there wklie - thanks for responding.

I am using a PS Audio Direct Stream DAC, PS Audio BHK Preamp, and a Bryston 14BSST^2 power amp and Magnepan speakers. It’s a killer rig.

For the Roon Core, I’ve been heading down the NUC path until I recently read about the SonicTransport - and how it apparently sounds better than a NUC based on an article on AudioStream, and I trust the reviewers observations based on the gear used, and music played.

The BDP runs on a modified Linux software - as does the SonicTransport (i think) - whereas the NUC runs on Windows. Perhaps this software difference may explain some of the sound quality observations by the reviewer? Not sure.

So… any thoughts on Lumin Mini vs. Bryston BDP’s as a Roon Endpoint / player?


The U1 MINI offers USB audio output, so you can have DSD128 sent to your DAC. With it you can then compare whether USB or AES or Toslink sounds better with your DAC. With Lumin you also have a continually updated support for new versions of RAAT. Lumin also supports Spotify Connect, and offers Lumin app for non-Roon users.

I have not received or read any report migrating from BDP-1 to a U1 MINI, so I have no comment on SQ, although I certainly hope our product to be better. There are indeed users with a Lumin + PS Audio Direct Stream combination.

You can make the NUC fanless. It should run ROCK, which is based on Linux customized by Roon Labs and recommended. There are other hardware differences as well from the 2016 comparison you cited. I’m sure SonicTransporter is a fine product, I’m just pointing out there are differences from what was being compared before your rule out NUC.

I run a Lumin U1 Mini into a Berkeley DAC and also use a Sonic Transporter i5 and couldn’t be happier. I tried the USB route using a Berkeley Alpha USB and couldn’t tell the difference between that and AES directly into the DAC from the Lumin so the Alpha USB will be up for sale soon. Very pleased with the Sonic Transporter and the support the few times I’ve needed it.

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Sounds awesome ken. Good to know the Lumin / sonictransport is a good combo. Thanks!
Out of curiosity what kind of speakers are you using?

Magico S3 MkII and a Boulder 2060 amp. Along with the Berkeley DAC it’s a very revealing system. I also use a GigaFoil between the ST i5 and the Lumin.

Ken…sounds killer man. Lucky to have such an awesome rig. It gives me confidence heading down the Lumin / ST path. I will have to check out the Gigafoil. I just ordered some isoacoustics gear to isolate my DAC.
In what part of the world are you?

San Diego area.

Right on. I am on opposite side of continent in the Atlantic provinces of canada. Cheers to hi fi!!

Well Terry you have an open invite to stop in for a listen if you’re ever out this way.

awesome ken! i will send you a note next time we’re out that way. will be in palm springs in Feb 2020…likely won’t make it down SD way. but would be awesome to listen to your system!! cheers. T