Lumin U1 Mini vs Lumin U1 Mini as Roon Endpoint

@wklie I just bought a Lumin U1 Mini and compared the sound quality using it as a Roon endpoint and using the Lumin with Qobuz. I clearly noticed a more open and smoother soundstage with the Lumin and Qobuz playback versus the Roon using the Lumin as an endpoint. I prefer to use the Roon platform, so any advice on how to improve the Lumin Roon endpoint sound quality to match the Lumin +Qobuz sound quality? Also, I couldn’t figure out why the songs in my Qobuz playlists would not play through the entire playlist? The music would stop after a song ended in the playlist when using the Lumin directly with Qobuz. No issue with the Qobuz playlists using Roon. Thanks in advance.

Please make sure you’ve added the whole Qobuz playlist to the Lumin app current playlist on the left hand side, by tap and hold the playlist (or album art for an album). If you’ve already done that correctly before, please power cycle the Lumin.

As for other possible improvements, some users reported fiber isolation, LPS (for Roon Core and modem / router / switch) to help.

In Lumin app, please turn off Spotify Connect and AirPlay “Lumin Streaming” if you don’t need these features.

@wklie I figured I’d have to add the playlist to the left side of the Lumin playlist.

I’m using a Mac mini for my Roon core and I may replace it with another source in the near future. I have English Electric 8Switch, but I don’t have an LPS for any of the items you mentioned.

Turning off Spotify connect and Airplay improve the SQ for Lumin Roon endpoint?

Thanks for the quick response!

It is generally accepted in Computer based audio that turning off everything that isn’t used is a good idea regardless. As to if it makes things sound any better its really going to have to be what your ears/brain tell you.