Lumin U1 mini wont update firmware

I have tried the following:

Delete app/Reinstall
Reboot U1mini
Reset Router to Factory settings
Unplug Ethernet cable
Reboot router
Check and uncheck “Check for Firmware Updates”
Reset U1 mini to factory settings

Still no prompt to update stuck on Firmware 14

Paging @wklie for you here

Instructions sent in PM.

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Hi Peter,

I came last week from one month holidays and my X1 is not updating the new firmware 15. My X1 setup in the Lumin app is with the checking update, but nothing happen since 3 days.

Could you please tell me what i have to do to update in firmware 15.

Thanks in advance


As I stated in my message to you before, “Please do not share the link or file.” Please edit your post to remove the link to firmware. It’s forbidden by our partners.

I’ll talk to you in PM.

I removed the link Peter.:+1:

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