Lumin U1 & Reclockers

@wklie. Do you have any opinion or user feedback on the use of reclockers (like the Mutec MC-3) with the Lumin U1 (or U1 mini)? I’m curious.

I have heard of a customer using a USB cleaner but not the product you mentioned. I found this, but I’m not sure it’s relevant:

curious if the U1 will improve more if using Chord M scaler ??

I’m using my U1 with chord Dave/Blu and let Blu do the upscaling like the mscaler would. It’s a fantastic combo. I am playing around with Roon or Lumin upscaling dsd files as chord shines brightest with pcm but haven’t come to a conclusion yet.

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On a Lumin Roon setup, I’d suggest turning off Lumin internal re-sampling and use Roon DSP Engine (if necessary) only.

I read that some Chord DAC users prefer passing bitperfect PCM signal to Chord for its own internal re-sampling. As for DSD, perhaps you may try passing bitperfect DSD or having Roon convert it to PCM first, and see which sounds better to you.

Hi Peter,

I just updated LUMIN U1 MINI from firmware 13 to 13a and noticed that the maxim supported native sample rate was capped at PCM 192 kHz vs the advertised PCM 384 KHz / DSD256. Now it’s downsampling most of my DSD256 files to DSD64 and my PCM 352.5 KHz to 192 KHz.

Is there a way to revert the firmware? Never regretted a firmware update from LUMIN until this one…


Please power off both Lumin and your DAC. Unplug the USB cable.

Power on both the Lumin and DAC. After Lumin is booted up, reconnect the USB cable.

What DAC are you using?

If it still does not work, please post a screenshot of the About function of Lumin U1 MINI from Lumin app.

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Hi Peter,

Thanks for your prompt response. I restarted both units (U1 mini and DAC) and the issue has been solved. I use a Hugo M Scaler with a Chord Dave.

Thanks again for your help.

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