Lumin U1: Roon Volume Control on "Device Volume" and Signal Path

Question for @wklie and for Roon @support.

I run Roon on a Mac mini, into a Lumin U1 (then directly into my DAC then Power Amp, without pre-Amp), and configured the Roon Volume Control on the Lumin U1 as “Device Volume” to set volume with Lumin’s Leedh Processing implementation. When I check the signal path (which is otherwise qualified “Lossless”), it is now qualified as “High Quality”.

Would love to understand why? When Roon is configured to perform some Volume Leveling, it qualifies the signal to “Enhanced”? Why not do the same for Lumin’s Leedh Processing volume leveling?

Thank you

Digital output after volume processing is High Quality, this is correct.

If you use a Lumin T2 / X1 with analog output, it’d be lossless even after volume processing.

This designation is a label only and does not affect the output.

I asked the same question just a few days ago. I thought it should say enhanced also but I was wrong.


Thank you and understand that it is “correct” and does not affect the output.

What I don’t understand is why then Roon’s volume leveling is qualified as “Enhanced”, just because it is internal to their software as opposed to Lumin’s which is external.

It implies that their internal digital volume leveling is “better” than the Leedh Processing algorithm, which would be surprising to me (but of course I do not know)?

So I would prefer that the qualification of the signal path be based on the true quality of the sound leveling and not simply external vs internal.

I expend a lot of effort to protect the quality of my signal path and having Roon ding me because I am using an external sound leveling bothers me, especially as you suggest if it does not affect lossless quality…


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I agree, Leedh should be enhanced.

I’ll ask Roon Labs offline and see what they think.

Thank you @wklie.

@wklie any update on this? Thank you.

Confirmed to be “High Quality” for digital output.

Peter (@wklie),

Thank you for confirming. This is what is stated in the Roon online manual.

However, my question was to try to understand why it is the case, since the Lumin Leedh Processing volume algorithm does not affect the output (and may actually be better than the internal Roon volume algorithm)?

Can you point me to the right representative at Roon to try to get their philosophy / rationale?

Thank you.

Volume leveling is designated as improving users listening experience.