Lumin U1 Signal Path High Quality?

Hi, I have a Lumin U1 and Holo Spring 3 DAC. My Roon signal path says high quality. Am I not able to get lossless?

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I deleted my first reply as I thought I was wrong.

I think your volume control method is using DSP and is set at 88.

I’ve tested my setup and I go from lossless to high quality when less than 100.

Also, you seem to be doing sample conversion.

Try setting your volume to Device.

If that cures it, you’ll likely see Enhanced rather than Lossless due to the sample conversion.

Ok thank you very much.

Not sure what to do as if I set volume to 100 then I lose Leadh volume processing. I was just giving it a try to see if I like it.

Have you experimented with it?

You are correct, I changed to 100 and now have enhanced.

Now how do I fix that to be lossless please??

Thank you again…

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Answered my own question…. Just not sure what I like best.

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In Roon, disable Roon DSP Engine.
In Lumin app, disable volume control.

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It’s worth experimenting with external upsampling to higher rate, and possibly conversion to DSD (what is practical depends on your Roon core’s computing power) with Holo DACs, especially for 44.1 or 48kHz material. You may like it or not, but the experiments require only appropriate DSP settings in Roon and a bit of free time. Unless you go (like me) down the rabbit hole into HQPlayer with its multitude of DSP choices, and need for powerful servers :crazy_face: