Lumin U1 & U1 Mini (MQA Playback)

@wklie Hey Peter,

I have the Lumin U1 Mini and my brother has the Lumin U1.

What is the highest MQA file format the Lumin U1 Mini and the U1 will decode? I have a Holo Audio Spring 3 KTE DAC and I have to find out the same information for my DAC.

See signal path of an MQA tune I was playing using Roon.

Thanks in advance!

All existing MQA formats are supported.

When doing output to an external DAC, it’s either 96kHz or 88.2kHz.

I appreciate the quick response! I did find the answer on the Lumin website after I initiated this post.


Dumb question time - if I have a Lumin U1 Mini - can I use Tidal and get full MQA quality or do I need an external DAC? (It lists MQA decode as a feature)

Thank you!

Lumin can perform MQA Core decoding (first unfold) to a digital output, or MQA Full decoding to an analog output on Lumin analog output models.

MQA Core decoding restores the musical content already, don’t worry too much if your DAC is not MQA.

If you happen to like the MQA sound signature, get a Lumin T3 instead.

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Thank you Peter for that. Makes good (clear) sense.